FIG President Stig Enemark attends the 2nd European Conference on Cadastre

Bucharest, Romania, 7-8 May 2010

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The Parliament Palace in Bucharest provided a perfect setting for the conference.

FIG President Stig Enemark attended the 2nd European Conference on Cadastre, Bucharest, Romania, 6-7 May 2010. The conference was entitled “The Cadastral surveyor – Paving the Way to the Future” and was organized by the European Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE) in cooperation with the Romanian Association of Private Surveyors, the Romanian Geodetic Union, and the Romanian Agency of Cadastre and Land Registration.

The opening session included welcome addresses from the Romanian government and the Romanian surveying organisations followed by an opening speech from the CLGE President Mr. Henning Elmstroem and a keynote address by the FIG President Stig Enemark entitled “From Cadastre to Land Governance” showing the evolution of cadastral systems over recent years towards the broader concept of land governance and the role of FIG and global surveying profession in this regard.

The conference was well attended by the delegates from the more than 30 CLGE member countries and about 130 local Romanian surveyors. The conference was organized in three main sessions: (i) The Cadastral surveyor, a Cornerstone in Society; (ii) The Publicly Appointed Surveyor; and (iii) The Romanian Surveyor and their Role in the Real Estate Economy. The session included presentations from Mr. Albert Jacquard French Scientist and Philosopher on “What is the societal role of the surveyor seen from the outside World”; Mr. Rudolf Kolbe (AT), Vice-President of CLGE and CEPLIS, on the “Code of Conduct of the European Surveyors”; Mrs. Dorine Burmanje (NL), Chair of EuroGeographics, on the “Advantages of a Harmonisation of the European Cadastres”; and Mr. Rob Mahoney (GB), Vice-President of CLGE, on the “Impact of EU Legislation on Cadastral Surveying”. Furthermore, a number of country perspectives were given from Belgium, Switzerland Croatia, Denmark, Romania, and Italy.

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The view from the Parliament Place balcony.

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Mr. Volkmar Teetzmann (GE) was awarded a well deserved Honorary Membership of CLGE by the President Henning Elmstroem (right).
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The Conference poster

The Conference included the launch of the adopted “Code of Conduct of the European Surveyors” that is an important and very useful document also in a global context. The conference also adopted the Bucharest Declaration stating some key principles of the role of the cadastral surveyors in serving society.

15 June 2010