Vice President CheeHai Teo attends “Smart Korea 2010” Korea NSDI Expo 

Korea, 1 – 3 September 2010

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The winning entry: Elementary School National Map Drawing Competition in conjunction with 2010 Smart Korea

“Smart Korea 2010”, the third successive annual Korean NSDI Expo that also incorporates a series of themed symposiums, is the national specialized geospatial symposium and exhibition. This year, the organizers’ aim was the promotion of the convergence of geospatial science and smart technologies that should bring about a better future.

The International Federation of Surveyors was invited to “Smart Korea 2010” by the organisers; Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC), Korea Association of Surveying and Mapping (KASM), Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement (KRIHS) and Ubiquitous City Association (U-City). The host is the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Republic of Korea. The Honorable Mr Jeong Chang-Su, Vice Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs officiated the event and with him was an entourage of senior officials including Mr Lee Sung-Yeul, President of the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation, Mr Kim Won-Ik, President of the Korean Association of Surveying and Mapping and Mr Kang Sung-Sik, Vice President of Korea Land and Housing Corporation. Amongst the invited guests is Prof. Ronald Abler, President of International Geographic Union and Prof Abbas Rajabifard, President of Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association, both sister organizations to FIG.

Vice President CheeHai TEO represented FIG at the Expo and made a keynote presentation at the official opening ceremony of the event. He began by acknowledging the progress within Korea’s Geospatial profession and industry that has recognized the usefulness and the value of geospatial information to social, environmental and economic development.

In the presentation, VP CheeHai Teo stated that Geospatial sciences and technologies no longer confine itself to measurement or to just surveying alone. The science and the technologies are pervasive, and considerable advances are occurring in places that even surveyors could hardly imagine; making a real difference in informed, reliable and responsible decisions and actions. He also spoke of the challenges facing humanity today, from the provision of the twin basic needs of humanity - adequate food and adequate shelter, to climate change, rapid urbanization, as well as natural disasters highlighting the need for continued sustainable development. There is also an economic dimension. The ongoing financial and economic crisis brings into sharp focus the manner nations, societies, families and individuals to deploy their wealth and allocate their finite resources.

FIG, as a global organization aims to ensure that the disciplines of surveying and all who practice them meet the needs of the markets and communities that they serve. VP CheeHai Teo opined that these advances and innovation occurring within our science, our profession and our industry should serve humankind and contribute towards the many challenges that we are facing. These advances and innovation can also mean ordinary existence and rising economic prosperity for a nation as well as continued and sustained growth and development for others.

He ended his presentation by stating his belief that today’s and tomorrow’s Surveyors, Geospatial Scientists, or Geospatial Professionals are equipped with both knowledge and training to make informed, reliable and sustainable decisions and judgment, as well as to act accordingly and urged the Korean Geospatial profession and industry to rise to the occasion and do the job well!

CheeHai TEO
FIG Vice President
6 September 2010

Handouts of the presentation by CheeHai Teo: Smart Geospatial! Happy Life! (pdf 7,89 Mb)

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FIG Vice President Teo CheeHai at his presentation

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A visit to Bupeong/Gyeyang District Local Office, Incheon Branch, Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation

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Korean Secondary School kids waiting to enter the 2010 Smart Korea Exhibition Hall

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Interacting with staff members of Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation Bupeong/Gyeyang District Local Office, Incheon Branch

15 September 2010