FIG in Civil Engineering Surveyor


April 2015
Hat Trick
By Diane Dumashie, Vice President of FIG

February 2015
New Regime in FIG

2014 l Article
The rise of the concrete dragon: A bridge too far
By Gethin Wyn Roberts

October 2014
Engineering surveys in the international arena
By Gethin Roberts

September 2014
FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting

September 2014 l President's Column
Leaving ICES in a leading global position

July-August 2014 l President's Column
All together now

July-August 2014

July 2014
FIG Congress celebrated its  silver jubilee

April 2014
FIG Young Surveyórs USA meeting

Janary 2014
FIG YSN's European Meeting

December 2013
FIG YSN's European meeting
By Gustavo Palma

December 2013
Andrew Winston Morley 1948-2013

November 2013
FIG in Africa
By Oluropo Ogundipe

September 2013
Alan F. Wright 1934-2013

July-August 2013 l Article
Measuring inclinations in the Cabril Dam with an optoelectronic sensor

By Maria J. Henrique, José N. Lima and Sérgio Oliveira, Portugal
The paper was first preasented at the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy

March 2013 l Institution News
ICES and RICS sign historial MOU

January 2013 l Article
The performance of network RTK GNSS services in Ireland

By Audrey Martin and Eugene McGovern, Dublin Institute of Technology
The paper was first preasented at the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy

October 2012 l Article
A magical knight
By Darrell Smart, CES Editor

July-August 2012 l Article
BIM: A contractor's perspective
By Jason A. Smith
The paper was first preasented at the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy

July-August 2012
FIG Working Week, 6-10 May 2012, Rome, Italy

July-August 2012 l FIG YSN
Inaugural FIG young survyeors conference

June 2012
A valuable working week

June 2012
FIG Working Week, 6-10 May 2012, Rome

May 2012 l President's Column
So long, adieu, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

December 2011
The establishment of Cors-LIBYA

July-August 2011
FIG in Morocco. The 2011 working week

July-August 2011
A Student's perspective

July-August 2010
Facing the challanges, building the capacity - FIG in Sydney

By Gethin Wyn Roberts

June 2010 l Institution News
New FIG President

June 2010
Bridging the Gap betweem Culture 

March 2010
Welcome to FIG Young Surveyors!

February 2010
FIG in Vietnam

November 2009
Sustainable Land Governance

March 2009
FIG Eilat technical tours annouced

Febrary 2009

November 2008
Monitoring lock chamber dynamic deformation

October 2008
GNNS Traxck data wanted

September 2008 l President's Column
Our mutual friends

September 2008
FIG working week 2008: Stockholm

July 2008
Letter from Stockholm

April 2008 l Professional Development
Changing the game. How to sustain a fast developing profession: Lessons from Kuala Lumpur
By CheeHai Teo

February 2008
Coastal areas and land administration: FIG in Costa Rica
By Alan Wright and Andrew Morley

July 2007
By Alan Wright

June 2006
Politics, people and places: FIG Ghana 2006
Collated by Alan Wright and Iain Greenway

June 2006
FIG Commission 10: Construction economics and management - An explanation of the present and agenda for the future
By Andres W Morley and John MD Bacon

April 2006
The role of education in surveyors' commitment to society and sustainabledevelopment
Professor Dr-Ing Holger Magel, FIG President. Adapted from his keynote address at the opening ceremony of the 8th SEASC in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

June 2005
From Pharaohs to geoinformatics: A working week in Cair