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FIG Congress 2022

FIG e-Working Week 2021

FIG Working Week 2020

FIG Working (from home) Week 2020

FIG Working Week 2019

22-26 April 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam

FIG 26th Congress 2018

6-11 May 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

FIG Working Week 2017

29 May - 2 June 2017, Helsinki, Finland

FIG Working Week 2016

2-6 May 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand

FIG Working Week 2015

17-21 May 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria

FIG Working Week 2015 was held 17-21 May 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Working Week took place in the National Palace of Culture - the very same place as the FIG Permanent Committee Meeting in 1983. The Local organisers of the FIG Working Week 2015 were the Bulgarian Chamber of Surveyors who had done their utmost to create the conditions for a successful Working Week. The Working Week attracted around 900 participants from 70 countries, and altogether more than 320 papers were presented in 3 Plenary Sessions, 67 Technical Sessions, 5 Joint UN-Habitat/GLTN-FIG sessions, and a one day joint UNHabitat/ GLTN-FIG Workshops. Again this year the largest group of participants came from Nigeria - thank you for this continuous support to FIG.

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XXV FIG Congress 2014

16-21 June 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The FIG Congress - where young and experienced surveyors meet

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Experiencing the amazing Malaysian Culture

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The Malaysian Prime Minister gave an interesting opening address at the opening ceremony
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Presidents and heads of delegation from FIG members planted 100 trees as part of a carbon offset programme

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"The FIG Congress is our global forum where sciences, technologies, knowledge and practices come together; where issues, initiatives, researches and results converge and where cultures, diversity, specialization and expertise assemble"; said FIG President Teo CheeHai, at the opening ceremony of the Congress. More than 2500 from almost 100 countries attended the Congress that was co-organised by FIG and the Malaysian Association of Land Surveyors, PEJUTA. There were almost 60 exhibitors at the three-day exhibition and the congress also offered more than 170 technical sessions with around 550 presenters. Some of the sessions were organised in cooperation with the partners World Bank, FAO, UN-ESCAP, UN-GGIM and UN-Habitat/GLTN. The theme of the XXV FIG Congress ‘Engaging the Challenges, Enhancing the Relevance’ was chosen carefully to enlighten the many various activities that FIG are involved in. A  joint FIG/UN-GGIM-AP Statement on Global Geodetic Reference Frame was adopted. Also a series of approaches and tools as for example “Fit-for-Purpose” Land Administration and the Social Tenure Domain Model demonstrate that FIG, together with its partners and the profession, are ready to engage challenges as undernourishment, shelter, climate change and economic progress with its sciences, technologies, knowledge and practices.

Closing ceremony

General Assembly

  • Report from FIG General Assembly 2014
  • Minutes from FIG General Assembly 2014

Young Surveyors

FIG Working Week 2013

6-10 May 2013, Abuja, Nigeria

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The opening ceremony
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Many contacts were made during the week.
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Colourful Nigerian Surveyors Wives
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Prof. Rudolg Staiger, FIG Vice President

The FIG Working Week Environment for Sustainability and the XXXVI General Assembly was held in Abuja, Nigeria with the overall theme "Environment for Sustainability". In his opening speech President of Nigeria, Goodwill Jonathan states that this is a very appropriate and relevant theme for the current situation not only in Nigeria but all over the world. More than 2000 Nigerians and almost 250 International participants enjoyed this special, colourful and energetic Working Week. This Working Week was the biggest ever in the history of FIG in terms of participation. Many different activities took place during the busy week. A train-the-trainer seminar and a special forum for Surveyor Generals/Director Generals both co-organised by GLTN-UN-HABITAT and FIG, special sessions organised in cooperation with the World Bank, and many well attended technical sessions were offered during the week. The exhibition attracted 34 International and Nigerian exhibitors. The many Nigerian participants showed their friendliness and large hospitality together with their ability to make a Working Week both serious and entertaining to Nigerian rythms. Read more...

FIG Working Week 2012

6-10 May 2012, Rome, Italy

President Fausto Savoldi at the opening ceremony.

Roma Sinfonietta.

President CheeHai Teo making his opening address.

FIG Foundation Dinner.

Conference dinner.

The FIG Working Week Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage and the XXXV General Assembly was held in Rome, Italy from 6 to 10 May 2012. Consiglio Nazionale Geometri e Geometri Laureati, CNGeGL, was the local host of this year's Working Week. The main partner of the Working Week was FAO including a full day workshop jointly organised by FIG and FAO and a visit to FAO headquarters. A full day program was also organised together with the Global Land Tool Network, GLTN, in co-operation with UN-HABITAT and GLTN professional partners and introducing grass root organisations. CNGeGL organised a well received invited session on Professional Women in Surveying. To the Working Week were attached some special events: the 1st FIG Young Surveyors Conference; IAG/FIG Commission 5/ICG Workshop and History Workshop.
The Working Week turned out to be the biggest FIG Working Week ever if counted by number of participants. More than 1,500 participants from 96 countries attended. The technical programme comprised of more than 100 technical sessions, workshops and special forums. Total number of presented papers was almost 500. In total 750 abstracts were submitted to the conference. The Working Week was held at the first class venue Rome Cavalieri hotel offering both excellent facilities and outstanding view over the eternal city.
The social events starting from the opening concert to the FIG Foundation Dinner and concert and the conference dinner at Villa Miani surpassed any former event. Read more...

8th FIG Regional Conference

26-29 November, Montevideo, Uruguay

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Participants at the Regional Conference

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Tango in Uruguay...

The 8th FIG Regional Conference titled "Surveying towards Sustainable Development" was held in Montevideo, Uruguay 26-29 November 2012 with more than 250 participants from all over Latin America and all other continents, altogether 33 countries. The successful Regional Conference in Uruguay proved that Latin America is a very interesting area both for the Surveying society and for hosting a conference.

The local host of the Regional Conference was Asociación de Agrimensores del Uruguay (AAU) who organised the conference in cooperation with FIG. The conference was co-sponsored by UN-HABITAT, OAS, and the World Bank.

The main focus both in the plenary sessions and the technical sessions were on the Latin American region and during the conference there were many professional  discussion within the different areas of surveying between participants from the region and from all over the world.


FIG Working Week 2011

18-22 May 2011, Marrakech, Morocco

FIG Fanfare at the Opening Ceremony.

Moroccan ministers and President CheeHai Teo, FIG and President Aziz Hilali, ONIGT after the opening.

The biggest exhibition in the history of FIG Working Weeks at the Palais des Congrès.

Moroccan music entertained participants at the welcome reception.

The FIG Working Week "Bridging the Gap between Cultures"  and the XXXIV General Assembly was held in Marrakech, Morocco from 18 to 22 May 2011. The Working Week included also the 6th National Congress of the Ordre National des Ingénieurs Géomètres Topographes (ONIGT) that was the local host of the Working Week.
FIG 2011 turned out to be the biggest FIG Working Week ever both in the size of the exhibition and the number of participants. More than 1,500 participants from 90 countries attended. The technical programme comprised of more than 90 technical sessions, workshops and special forums. Total number of presented papers was almost 450. The Working Week was held at the fully packed Palais des Congrès in Marrakech. Read more...

XXIV FIG Congress 2010

11-16 April 2010, Sydney, Australia

The XXIV FIG Congress Facing the Challenges – Building the Capacity held in Sydney Australia 11-16 April 2010 turned out to be the biggest FIG congress ever. With more than 2,200 participants from 100 countries it gathered the biggest attendance to an FIG event. The total number of presented papers exceeded 800. Read the full report and see the picture galleries. The congress proceedings including handouts of PowerPoint presentations are also available. Read also the report from the General Assembly and see the minutes.

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Aboriginal dance at the opening ceremony.

7th FIG Regional Conference 2009

19-22 October 2009, Hanoi, Vietnam

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Speakers at the Opening Ceremony
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Cultural programme at the Opening Ceremony.
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Mr. Pham Khoi Nguyen, Minister of Environment, Vietnam
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7th FIG Regional Conference - Spatial Data Serving People - Land Governance and the Environment - Building the Capacity was be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, 19-22 October 2009. The conference was attended by almost 400 people from 52 countries. Mr. Pham Khoi Nguyen, Minister of Environment, Vietnam opened the conference. FIG President Stig Enemark addressed in his opening address the key topics on land administration and environmental management. The conference included a two-day Regional Consultation Meeting on the “FAO Voluntary Guidelines for Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and Other Natural Resources” that FIG organised jointly with FAO Land Tenure and Management Unit (NRLA). This meeting was attended by more than 70 experts from Asia. The conference further included a special workshop on Asia Pacific Reference Frame organised jointly with PCGIAP and IAG.
More than 150 presentations were made in 50 sessions and workshops. All papers are included in the online proceedings.
The second FIG regional conference in South East Asia was organised jointly by FIG and the Viet Nam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, VGCR. It gathered 250 participants from Asia, South-East Asia region and overseas and 150 from Vietnam to discuss land and surveying issues. Read more ...

FIG Working Week 2009

3-8 May 2009, Eilat, Israel

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The FIG Working Week 2009 took place in Eilat, Israel from 3rd to 8th of May 2009. The theme of this year’s conference was “Surveyors’ Key Role in Accelerated Development” which is a hot topic worldwide but especially in Israel that is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The conference gathered more than 500 delegates – with exhibitors and accompanying persons about 650 participants from 65 countries to Eilat, the southernmost edge of Israel at the Red Sea. Among participants 60 students and more than 50 accompanying persons. The technical programme included almost 250 presentations in about 60 technical sessions and workshops. The conference was hosted jointly by the Association of Licensed Surveyors in Israel, ALSI and FIG in co-operation with the Survey of Israel. Read more...

Read more:

FIG Working Week 2008

14-19 June 2008, Stockholm, Sweden


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FIG Working Week gathered 950 participants from more than 90 countries to Stockholm. Many thanks to all participants for attending this biggest FIG Working Week. Report of the Working Week is now available with picture galleries.
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6th FIG Regional Conference 

12-15 November 2007, San José, Costa Rica

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FIG President Stig Enemark and CFIA/CIT President Juan Manuel Castro Alfaro at the Opening Ceremony

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Local dancers entertaining during the Cultural Evening

Stig Enemark, Juan Manuel Castro and Olman Vargas - Click picture for bigger format
FIG President Prof. Stig Enemark together with Executive Director of CFIA Ing. Olman Vargas Zeledon and President of CFIA/CIT Ing. Juan Manuel Castro Alfaro

The 6th FIG Regional Conference held in Costa Rica was the first  in Latin America and a great success

The 6th FIG Regional Conference was organized by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y de Arquitectos de Costa Rica (CFIA)/ Colegio de Ingenieros Topógrafos de Costa Rica (CIT) which is the FIG member association in Costa Rica. As has been the case with the previous FIG regional conferences the conference in San José was  organized in co-operation with other international and regional organizations like the United Nations and its agencies as well as with international and regional spatial information societies.

The expected attendance to the conference was mainly Latin American but the conference attracted delegates from Australia, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe. 65% of the delegates came from the Central America and the Caribbean. To help regional and local participation the conference was held in English and Spanish.

This was the first time that the FIG Regional Conference was held in Latin America. Costa Rica offers best possible venue for such an important event. The theme of this regional event was selected so that it focused on the hot topics in the region which are capacity building, land administration and environmental issues, especially the use and future of coastal regions. Based on the outcome of the conference “Coastal Areas and Land Administration – Building the Capacity” FIG will also prepare an FIG publication “Methodologies for Pro-Poor Coastal Zone Management

The Technical Programme held a very high professional standard and the overall impression of the Regional Conference was very positive both from the organizers point of view and from the delegates

FIG Working Week 2007

13-17 May, 2007, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

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Ms. Winnie Shiu, Congress Director FIG 2007 opens the Opening Ceremony.Click picture for bigger format.
Mr. Raymond Chan, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors HKIS, the host organisation of the Working Week, making his opening address.

The FIG Working Week 2007 and XXX General Assembly was organised in Hong Kong SAR, China 13-17 May 2007. The conference was attended by more than 500 delegates from 64 countries. The Working Week was organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors HKIS together with FIG.

The technical and scientific programme of the conference consisted 60 technical sessions and almost 300 papers. The proceedings are available here

At the plenary session after the opening ceremony the keynote addresses were given by Dr. Leung Ying, GBS, JP, Convenor of the Non-official Members of the Executive Council of the Hong Kong SAR. The second keynote speaker was President Enemark, whose presentation was about "The Role of FIG in Responding the Millennium Goals and the Global Agenda". 

The other two plenary sessions focussed on Governing Mega Cities - policies and technical aspects with Prof. Holger Magel, Mr. Albert Leung and Mr. Tony Tse as the keynote speakers. The final plenary session was about Responding to the Global agenda with Keith Bell from the World Bank, Prof. Theo Kötter from Uni Bonn and Dr. Xiao Ping as the keynote speakers.

Read full report of the Working Week.


XXIII FIG Congress 2006

8-13 October 2006, Munich, Germany

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The XXII FIG Congress in Munich was a total success. The FIG Congress was attended by 1,300 delegates from about 100 countries. Together with the Intergeo Conference and other simultaneous events the congress was attended by 3,000 participants. The Intergeo exhibition attracted about 19,500 visitors to the ICM in Munich. At the opening ceremony the welcome address was given by Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Bavarian Minister President, the presidential address by Prof. Holger Magel, FIG President and the keynote address by Dr. Klaus Töpfer, long-time General Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. The opening ceremony attracted a full hall of 1,400 participants to ICM. The social highlights the welcome reception at the Holiday Inn gathered 700 people and the Surveyors Meeting 1,800 people to Löwenbräukeller and the Farewell Dinner about 600 people to the Hofbräuhaus - all these events were sold out.

The Congress programme and papers (almost 600 papers) are available on the FIG web site at: The proceedings will be finalised within some days including handouts of the presentations.

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5th FIG Regional Conference 2006

8-11 March 2006, Accra, Ghana

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Almost 650 participants from 50 countries attended the 5th FIG Regional Conference in Accra last week. Report from the conference will be published on this site within some days. At the moment you can get the following information:

FIG Working Week 2005

16-21 April 2005, Cairo, Egypt

Proceedings now available.

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Keynote speakers of the opening ceremony

FIG Working Week 2005 and the 8th International Conference of GSDI was held in Cairo from 16 to 21 April 2005. The Organizing Committee consisted of the Egyptian Committee for Surveying and Mapping (ECSM), and the Egyptian Survey Authority (ESA), who together with FIG and GSDI were in charge of the arrangements of this successful and biggest ever FIG Working Week. The conference was attended by more than 900 participants from more than 80 countries.

In the conference programme there were more than 400 papers and poster presentations in more than 50 technical sessions and 7 pre-conference workshops. In addition to opening and closing ceremonies there were three high profile plenary sessions. Updated proceedings are available at: , the updates include handouts out those ppt-files that were submitted in time.

More information about the conference:

4th FIG Regional Conference 2005

26-27 September 2005, Havana, Cuba


3rd FIG Regional Conference 2004

3-7 October 2004, Jakarta, Indonesia

The 3rd FIG Regional Conference is organised by FIG, Ikatan Surveyor Indonesia and Bakosurtanal in Jakarta 3-7 October 2004 was one more successful event in the series of regional conferences introduced in 2001. More than 350 delegates from 33 countries attended including more than 120 international participants. The attendance was good in consideration to travel warnings of some countries prior the conference.

Papers are now available at . Proceedings have been updated after the conference and include handouts of the powerpoint presentations. You can also visit the conference web site at:

FIG Working Week 2004

May 22-27 2004, Athens, Greece

FIG Working Week 2004 was held in Athens, Greece May 22-27, 2004. The theme of the working week was “The Olympic Spirit in Surveying”. The conference attracted more than 400 delegates from 67 countries. Together with the 1st National Conference of HARSE which attracted more than 250 delegates the Working Week was among the biggest FIG Working Weeks in the history. Report from the conference together with a picture gallery is now available.

More information about the conference is available at: and at Proceedings are available at

The technical conference was held during three days, each day starting with a plenary session with invited papers and followed by 29 technical sessions and for symposia with several sessions so that the conference had 3-4 parallel sessions during the technical conference.

The topics of the sessions were selected in the way that they covered interests of all ten FIG commissions promoting multi-professional approach. They also vary from policy issues to technical papers on the latest technology and to interesting case studies all over the world. More than 200 papers were presented in the technical sessions and workshops.

The Working Week, the technical exhibition, technical tours and great social events were a big success thanks to the Local Organising Committee chaired by Mr. George Papavassiliou who was assisted by two Vice Chairs: Gerasimos Apostolatos and Polychronis Akriditis and Secretary General Chryssy Potsiou.

Exhibition - Ancient Greek Technology - Measuring Instruments. During the FIG Working Week there was an exhibition organised in collaboration with the Association for Ancient Greek Technology Studies. The exhibition displayed some indicative technical achievements of the Ancient Greece, together with models of several measuring devices used in topography and astronomy.

FIG Working Week 2003

13-17 April 2003, Paris, France

The FIG Working Week 2003 was held at the Ecole National de Sciences Géographiques (ENSG) in Marne la Vallée just outside Paris. The Working Week was also the celebration of the 125th Anniversary of FIG. FIG returned to Paris where it was founded in 1878.

The Working Week was attended by more than 600 delegates and 200 accompanying persons. In 27 technical sessions, 3 plenary sessions and the 125th Anniversary Session more than 120 papers were presented. Together with 60 poster presentations the total number of professional papers exceeded 180. The Gala Dinner to celebrate the 125th Anniversary was held at the Castle of Versailles. The Working Week included an extensive exhibition, technical visits and social programme. The FIG Working Week was hosted by Ordre des Géomètres-Experts OGE and Association Francaise de Topographie AFT. The organising Committee is chaired by Bernard Bour.

2nd FIG Regional Conference 2003

2-5 December 2003, Marrakech, Morocco

Conference website:

XXII FIG Congress 2002

Geomatics and Property Valuation for Global Sustainable Development

April 19-26 2002, Washington, D.C., USA

The Opening ceremony of the FIG Congress in Washington gathered a full house.

The XXII FIG International Congress was held in Washington, D.C. USA April 19-26 2002. The Congress attracted almost 4,000 participants from almost 90 countries. The technical programme included the FIG technical programme with more than 450 presentations in more than 110 sessions. In addition in the domestic programme almost 160 papers were presented. Further there were several workshops organised by ACSM and ASPRS. 

The report from the conference with pictures.

The FIG Congress Prize 2002 was given to Mr George Oner Ogalo from Kenya for his presentation "GPS in Cadastres: A Case Study of Kenya".

The papers from the FIG Technical Programme are now available on this web site. You are also able to view the extended abstracts. Proceedings (DC-Rom and extended abstract) can be ordered from the FIG Office, price US$ 50 including postage.

1st FIG Regional Conference 2001

Nairobi, Kenya

Recommendations from the International Conference on Spatial Information for Sustainable Development are available on this web site (also as .pdf-file). 

His Excellency, President Daniel arap Moi arrives to the opening ceremony and greets Jes Ryttersgaard, Chair of FIG Commission 3. Dr. Don Okpala from UN-HABITAT in the middle and Prof. Holger Magel, Vice President of FIG (behind Mr. Ryttersgaard).


The International Conference on Spatial Information for Sustainable Development was organized by the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK), the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT. The conference attracted more almost 500 participants from almost 40 countries. Almost 100 papers were presented and the proceedings exceeded 800 pages. The Conference was opened by His Excellency, President Daniel arap Moi and the keynote presentation was given by Mr. Daniel Biau, Deputy Executive Director of UN-HABITAT on behalf of Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Director of UN-HABITAT.

FIG Commission 3 on Spatial Information Management was in charge for organizing this conference and it also held its annual meeting during the event. FIG Commissions 1 (Professional Standards and Practice), 2 (Professional Education), 5 (Positioning and Measurement), 7 (Cadastre and Land Management), 8 (Spatial Planning and Development) and 10 (Construction Economics and Management) participated as well.

The Conference was sponsored by UNEP, Geomaps, Intergraph and IQSK. It is further supported by the University of Nairobi, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, ICA and ISPRS and several corporate sponsors.

During the Conference a Special International Symposium on Cost Management of Low-Cost Housing was arranged. It attracted almost 100 participants. The organisers of this event were ICEC Region 3 (Africa) and the Africa Association of Quantity Surveyors AAQS together with IQSK.

The proceedings of this conference are available on this web site. 

FIG Working Week 2001

6-11 May 2001, Seoul, Korea

The FIG Working Week 2001 hosted by the Korea Confederation of Surveyors was held in Seoul, Korea 6 – 11 May 2001. The theme of the Working Week was "New Technology for a New Century". In the conference there were over 30 technical sessions and workshops in which more than 150 papers were presented. Almost 1,000 participants attended the technical conference. More than 250 foreign visitors from 50 countries enjoyed the Korean hospitality.  More news and pictures from the Working Week on the FIG web site.

Full papers (in .htm and .pdf-formats) and abstracts (in .htm- and .pdf-formats) of all papers are available on the FIG web site.

The proceedings of the technical conference are available also as hard copies. The abstracts are printed in a book (277 pages) and the full papers are published ion a CD-Rom. Both volumes are available from the Korean Confederation of Surveyors, email The price for both the book and the CD-Rom is US$ 40. 

  • FIG Working Week 2000
    20-26 May 2000, Prague, Czech Republic
  • FIG Working Week 1999
    30 May - 4 June 1999, Sun City, South Africa
  • XXI International FIG Congress 1998
    18 - 25 July 1998, Brighton, Great Britain
  • 64th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1997
    11 - 16 May 1997, Singapore, Singapore
  • 63rd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1996
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 62nd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1995
    21 - 26 May 1995, Berlin, Germany
  • XX International FIG Congress 1994
    5 - 12 May 1994, Melbourne, Australia
  • 60th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1993
    1993, New Orleans, USA
  • 59th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1992
    27 Sep. - 2 Oct. 1992, Madrid, Spain
  • 58th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1991
    20 - 25 May 1991, Beijing, China
  • XIX International FIG Congress 1990
    10 - 19 June 1990, Helsinki, Finland
  • 56th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1989
    July 1989, Budapest, Hungary
  • 55th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1988
    14 - 17 Oct. 1988,  Wellington, New Zealand
  • 54th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1987
    21 - 25 June 1987, Oslo, Norway
  • XVIII International FIG Congress 1986
    1 - 11 June 1986, Toronto, Canada
  • 52nd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1985
    9 - 16 June 1985, Katowice, Poland
  • 51st FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1984
    15 - 18 Oct. 1984, Tokyo, Japan
  • XVII International FIG Congress 1983
    19 - 28 June 1983, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 49th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1982
    21 - 24 June 1982, Haag, The Netherlands
  • XVI International FIG Congress 1981
    9 - 18 August 1981, Montreaux, Switzerland
  • 47th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1980
    6 - 10 June 1980, Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain
  • 46th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1979
    4 - 7 July 1979, Brno, Czechoslovakia
  • 45th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1978
    3 - 7 July 1978, Paris, France
  • XV International FIG Congress 1977
    5 - 14 June 1977, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 43rd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1976
    23 - 26 August. 1976, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 42nd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1975
    16 - 18 June 1975, Helsinki, Finland
  • XIV International FIG Congress 1974
    7 - 16 Sep. 1974, Washington, USA
  • 40th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1973
    3 - 5 April 1973, Canberra, Australia
  • 39th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1972
    29 May - 2 June. 1972, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • XIII International FIG Congress 1971
    1 - 10 Sep. 1971, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 37th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1970
    17 - 21 August 1970, Budapest, Hungary
  • 36th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1969
    1 - 4 June 1969, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • XII International FIG Congress 1968
    2 - 12 Sep. 1968, London, Great Britain
  • 34th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1967
    18 - 21 Sep. 1967, Ottawa, Canada
  • 33rd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1966
    7 - 10 Sep. 1966, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • XI International FIG Congress 1965
    25 May - 3 June 1965, Rome, Italy
  • 31st FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1964
    22 - 29 August 1964, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 30th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1963
    6 - 13 Sep. 1963, Washington, USA
  • X International FIG Congress 1962
    24 Aug. - 1 Sep.1962, Vienna, Austria
  • 28th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1961
    8 -14 June 1961, Bern, Switzerland
  • 27th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1960
    24 - 27 June. 1960, Brussels, Belgium
  • 26th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1959
    4 - 7 Sep. 1959, Krakow, Poland
  • IX International FIG Congress 1958
    27 Aug. - 4 Sep. 1958, Scheveningen and Delft, The Netherlands
  • 24th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1957
    3 - 7 June. 1957, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 23rd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1956
    3 - 7 Sep. 1956, London, Great Britain
  • 22nd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1955
    5 - 8 Sep. 1955, Florence, Italy
  • 21st FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1954
    10 - 12 August 1954, Vienna, Austria
  • VIII International FIG Congress 1953
    28 Aug - 6 Sep. 1953, Paris, France
  • 19th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1952
    16 - 18 June 1952, Lyon, France
  • 18th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1951
    16- 18 August 1951, Luxemburg, Luxemburg
  • 17th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1950
    11- 15 April 1950, Paris, France
  • VII International FIG Congress 1949
    22 - 27 Aug. 1949, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 15th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1948
    2 - 3 July 1948, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 14th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1947
    18- 19 April 1947, Paris, France
  • 13th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1946
    18 - 19 Oct. 1946, Dijon, France
  • VI International FIG Congress 1938
    5 - 10 Oct. 1938, Rome, Italy
  • 11th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1937
    4 - 5 June 1937, Paris, France
  • 10th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1936
    10 Sep. 1936, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • 9th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1935
    1 Sep. 1935, Brussels, Belgium
  • V International FIG Congress 1934
    18 - 21 July 1934, London, Great Britain
  • 7th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1933
    16 - 18 Sep. 1933, Rome, Italy
  • 6th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1932
    2 - 3 Sep. 1932, Warsaw, Poland
  • 5th FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1931
    17 - 18 July 1931,Geneve, Switzerland
  • IV International FIG Congress 1930
    11 - 14 Sep. 1930, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 3rd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1929
    27 July 1929, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2nd FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1928
    12 May 1928, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1st FIG Permanent Committee Meeting 1927
    27 June 1927, Paris, France
  • III International FIG Congress 1926
    15 - 18 Oct. 1926, Paris, France
  • II International FIG Congress 1910
    6 - 10 August 1910, Brussels, Belgium
  • I International FIG Congress 1878
    18 - 20 July 1878, Paris, France (Founded the 18th July)