FIG represents the interests of surveyors worldwide
FIG was founded in 1878 and is a United Nations and World Bank recognized non-governmental organization of national member associations, cadastral and mapping agencies and ministries, universities and corporates from over 120 countries. FIG covers the whole range of professional fields within the global surveying community, hereunder surveying, cadastre, valuation, mapping, geodesy, hydrography, geospatial, and quantity surveyors and provides an international forum for discussion and development aiming to promote professional practice and standards.
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Main FIG Conferences

Accra, Ghana 19-24 May


6-10 April


FIG Congress 2026
24-29 May 2026
Cape Town, South Africa

FIG Working Week 2027
23-27 May 2027
Stavanger Norway

FIG Working Week 2028 and
150th Anniversary

June 2028 Paris France

Other FIG Events

FIG Regional Conference 2024
14-16 November 2024,
Kathmandu, Nepal



FIG Publication No. 64 2nd ed.

FIG Publication no. 64 2nd edition - FIG Guide: Reference Frames in Practice Manual

This publication is published by FIG Commission 5, Positioning and Measurement, Working Group 5.2 Reference Frames and is an update 2024 to the original publication 64 from 2014 Read more...

FIG Publication No. 82

FIG Publication no. 82 - FIG Report: Mapping the World a Better Place

FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program VCSP - FIG Young Surveyors Network and UN-Habitat - Global Land Tool Network GLTN Read more...

FIG Publication No. 81

Enhancing Surveying Education through Blended Learning

FIG Commission 2 - Professional Education FIG Report 2023

FIG Publication No. 80

FIG Publication no. 80 - FIG Guide: Digital transformation and land administration - Sustainable practices from the UNECE region and beyond, published by FAO, UN and FIG

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the FAO, UNECE and FIG fostered dialogue between countries using webinars to capture experiences and the key lessons. That knowledge forms the basis for what is presented here. The publication delivers country- level perspectives using case materials drawn mainly from the UNECE region. Read more...

FIG 2024 Proceedings

"Your World Our World: Resilient Environment and Sustainable Resource Management for All” FIG Working Week 2024 Proceedings

FIG Peer Review Journal

Since 2008 it has been possible to offer a conference paper for a peer-review, an opportunity that about 10% of presenters take advantage of. The accepted papers that have been presented at a major FIG conference are included in the FIG Peer Review Journal.
Visit FIG Peer Review Journal

FIG Surveyors Reference Library

The library is a shortcut to all papers from FIG Congresses, Working Weeks and other FIG events, as well as so-called recommended papers that are specially selected by the ten FIG commissions. Read more...

FIG Article of the Month, June 2024 - FIG Working Week 2024 Opening speech by the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Read more here
Most Recent News
FIG Vice President visits the member association from Malaysia PEJUTA

FIG Vice President Winnie Shiu paid a courtesy visit to the FIG Member Association, the Association of Authorised Land Surveyor Malaysia...

STDM Valuation of unregistered land

The Social Tenure Domain Model - STDM is now a normative annex in the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) part 2...

New FIG Publication: FIG Young Surveyors Volunteer Community Surveyor Programme VCSP

Mapping the World a Better Place. The new FIG Publication no 82, published by FIG Young Surveyors in cooperation with UN-Habitat/GLTN tells th...

Reference Frames in Practice Manual - FIG Publication 64 2nd edition

This Commission 5 publication aims to better inform surveyors around reference frame topics and includes major updates on expanded GNSS conste...

Akwaaba - report from FIG Working Week 2024 in Accra Ghana

In a warm and welcoming Accra, the FIG Working Week was held having both African and International topics on the agenda elaborated on in aroun...

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FIG is dedicated to promote the SDG’s
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What is VCSP?

... the Volunteer Community Surveyor Programme
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Latest Releases

> Annual Review 2023
> FIG Pub 64 2nd ed - Reference Frames in Practice Manual
> History of Surveying
> FIG Pub 82 - Mapping the World a Better Place - VCSP
> FIG Pub 81 - Enhancing Surveying Education through Blended Learning

FIG Young Surveyors Network
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FIG YS Network
Meeting the President General Assembly 2024

Dr. Diane Dumashie was elected President at the General Assembly in September 2022

 Get to know Diane...

Interview with Diane in GIM Magazine June 2023: Partnership and people in the surveying community

The General Assembly  2024 took place on 19 and 23 May 2024 in Accra Ghana as part of the FIG Working Week. The minutes and a report from the General Assembly will be available soon


Council Work Plan for the term 2023-2026.

FIG Members Article of the Month

FIG has five different levels of membership and two levels of honorary membership. Through different membership categories 121 countries are represented in FIG. The membership categories are:

- Member Associations
- Affiliates
- Corporate Members
- Academic Members
- Correspondents
- Honorary Presidents
- Honorary Members


FIG publishes each month the FIG Article of the Month. This is a high-level paper focusing on interesting topic to all surveyors.

The article of the month in June 2024 We are excited to present to you the opening speech by the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for this article of the month, delivered at the FIG Working Week 2024. The address elaborates over the theme of the Working Week: "Your World, Our World: Resilient Environment and Sustainable Resource Management for All". Read more here

Other Newsletters

Commission 7 Newsletter
Quarter 1 2024

Commission 8 Newsletter
February 2024

Commission 7 Newsletter
December 2023

Commission 10 Newsletter
November 2023


News from FIG Council

FIG Council invites members to the General Assembly 2024 that will take place on 19 and 23 May 2024 in Accra Ghana

FIG Council establishes new network. Read more