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July / August 2017 l
FIG 2017 Helsinki: Land of the midnight fun!

January 2016 l Downunder Currents
Surveying in bygone days: a Spantan life

September 2015
Speaking up for a south sea paradise

July 2013
Managing value for our future

July 2013
Abuja surpasses expectations - working week has over 2700 delegates

Janary 2013
Tours galore and an important election

November 2012
Surveying for geographical and spatial information in the 21st century

November 2012
Autunmn break in Hannover

November 2012
FIG Working Week , Rome Part 2: Laser Scanning, Geodesy  and Monitoring

September 2012
History Workshop's enthralling presentations

September 2012
FIG Working Week, Rome. Technical Session :Land Administration & Cadastre

July 2012
FIG Working Week 2012 in Rom

July 2012
From Sydney Harbour to Marrakech

December 2011
FIG-Kommission 7

November 2011
A word with the FIG President Teo CheeHai

September 2011
Testing InSAR, unifying datums, plotting oil spills, quakes &cadastres...... it was all at FIG Marrakech and more

November 2010
Boundaries, Borders, Bathymetry, Mega Cities, the Profession

July 2010
Impression of FIG Sydney:`"malaysia does the double"

May 2010
FIG Sydney 2010: Surveying History and Congress

January 2010
A big "G'day" awaits in Sydney

July 2009
FIG Working Week 2009 in Eilat, Israel

May 2009
FIG/ World Bank Conference opens door for RICS

March 2009
The Road opens up to Sydney 2010

January 2007
FIG revisited, while Sydney beckons

January 2007
FIG Munich - Reflections & Reports

January 2007
FIG Working Week 13 - 17 May 2007 Hong Kong

November 2006
FIG's four-yearly festival

July 2006
Strong interest at FIG Ghana - go beyond the technicallevel, says president

January 2006
FIG-Kongress 2006

Vol.59 2005
By James S. Simpson

May & June 2005
Secrets of the ancients revealed

May & June 2005
Femme fatale's disguise is Dur gain

May & June 2005
Dur diversity is Dur strength

December 2004
Why Are Surveyors SO Thinly Represented in the Planning Processes?

November 2004
FIG-Kommission 7

November 2004
Indonesia welcomes FIG with song

Febrary 2004
2nd FIG REGIONAL CONFERENCE - Marrakech Urban-Rural interrelationship for sustainable development

Hydrographic news 2002
FIG'S Hydrographic Surveyors rally at Hydro2002