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FIG at UNECE Working Party on Land Administration

4-5 April 2023, Geneve, Switzerland

FIG was well represented at the Thirteenth Session of the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration, 4 and 5 April 2023, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.

Kirsikka Riekinnen, FIG Commission 7 Vice Chair, made two presentations, one on ‘Cadastral mapping and strategies of land administration authorities in Europe’ at the first meeting on 4 April, and one in her function as Vice Chair of Commission 7 to present the Commision 7 workplan for the current term 2023 to 2026 at the third meeting on 5 April.

Steven Nystrom, former Chair of FIG Commission 9, presented the ‘COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan for Informal Settlements in the ECE Region - WPLA capacity-building resources to support member States in improvement of informal settlements’ at the first meeting on 4 April.

Daniel Steudler, Vice President of FIG, reported on the work of EuroGeographics at the third meeting on 5 April and identified opportunities for cooperation with WPLA.

Hartmut Müller, former Chair of FIG Commission 3, had two presentations, one to share the results of the joint FIG/FAO/UNECE study, on Digital transformation and land administration – Sustainable practices from the UNECE region and beyond’, published as FIG publication no 80, at the first meeting on 4 April; and a second on ‘Geospatial Information Systems’ to announce and promote the objectives of the new FIG Task Force on the role of FIG in international trends and future geospatial information ecosystem.

Recordings of the WPLA meetings are available online

FIG Task Force members Kirsikka Riekinnen, Fredrik Zetterquist, Daniel Steudler and Hartmut Müller took the opportunity of the in-person meeting to plan in detail the Task Force activities at the FIG Working Week Orlando, particularly in connection with the Director General Forum.




Hartmut Müller
April 2023