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FIG Commission 7 - Cadastre and Land Management - Annual Meeting 2020

20-22 October 2020, virtual meeting

The 2020 FIG Commission 7 Annual General Meeting (AGM) has wrapped up! Over the course of three days, which were based around the joint themes of ‘Building community resilience through urban-rural land linkages’ and ‘Strategies to deal with COVID-19’, 200 registered participants attended 11 sessions, with upwards of 50 expert presenters, across three major time zones. The initial positive feedback shows that the commission is continuing to deliver on its 2018-2022 workplan despite the disruption during the COVID-19 period.

Key questions answered as part of the annual meeting were:

  • What are key principles all land projects should follow to ensure synergies independently if they are urban or rural?
  • What is the role of new instruments such as PPPs to ensure rural-urban land integration?
  • What is the role of new trends in education in the surveying profession to support community resilience?
  • What are key strategies to ensure urban-rural integration in the context of community resilience?
  • What lessons have been learnt around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic related to the need for urban-rural land linkage?

From the session that was held in cooperation with GLTN on the Rural Urban Land Linkages

The session organised by FIG Commission 2 on Education used several live polls during the session

Did you miss the meeting?

If you missed out, don't worry! Below, you can find the proceedings including the session recordings and the presentation slides. Please see the proceedings here.


Claudia Stormoen
December 2020