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Share your COVID-19 experiences with GLTN

April 2020

FIG has received the following request from GLTN and encourages you to reply to GLTN:

As the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding globally, it has become more evident that tenure security and housing play a crucial role in implementing preventive measures and following the “Stay at Home” guideline. In this respect, it would be valuable to share experiences that different GLTN partners are going through at the moment.

As the Secretariat, we would like to invite all Partners to use the Network as a platform to covey your respective efforts and concerns regarding the current crisis. Please tell us what you are working on, what your priorities are and challenges you are faced with as you address the crisis. We would also like to learn about solutions and strategies you are employing and what your target impacts are.

We would like to collect inputs from as many partners as possible and come up with different ways to share what we do and value we add as the network. I also attach a short background information on linkages between tenure security and COVID-19. Feel free to contribute to this too and help us develop key messages by the network.

Please send your inputs and feedback to  and  by Monday 4 May 2020 or sooner.

Thank you.
Stay safe, stay at home.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Lewis-Lettington
Chief, Land, Housing and Shelter Section, UN-Habitat
Secretary, Global Land Tool Network


 April 2020