News in 2016

FIG at Intergeo 2016

10-13 October 2016, Hamburg, Germany

Again in 2016 FIG participated in InterGeo, organised by the German FIG member association DVW. The exhibition was large with 17,000 participants to the trade fair and 531 exhibitors.

Claudia Stormoen, FIG Office, Pekka Halme, Co-Conference Director for the Working Week 2017 in Helsinki, Finland and Henning Elmstrom from Denmark at the FIG stand.

FIG President Chryssy Potsiou was invited to the Opening Ceremony, and held a speech in German for the organisers and the specially invited participants to the opening. At the opening it was announced that Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansjörg Kutterer would take over the presidency of DVW after the late Karl-Friedrich Thoene.

Hansjörg Kutterer at the first plenary session

The overall theme of the conference was "Smart cities". Chief executive of British Ordnance Survey, Nigel Clifford used the case study of Manchester to show how geoinformation in the Internet of Things (IoT) will shape our urban surroundings. second plenary speaker was Ron Bisio, vice president geospatial at Trimble, who crafted smart cities scenarios in his keynote speech. Digitalisation will affect all areas of future living, environmental pollution, energy consumption, effective transportation and traffic processes, civic dialogue and transparency, digital transformation in the health sector and culture are just examples of areas that will benefit from the GIS data that are and will be available.

FIG Vice President Rudolf Staiger also represented FIG during the trade fair, and had, together with FIG Office,  meetings with current FIG Corporate Members  hereunder Bentley and Leica. Many visitors and exhibitors also visited the FIG stand. Some already knew FIG and were acquainted with FIG activities, but there were also many good talks about FIG with those who did not know FIG in advance.

Promotion of future FIG Events

The co-conference director of FIG Working Week 2017, Pekka Halme, participated in the trade fair, promoting the conference and the exhibition. This was also an opportunity for the President, Vice President Staiger and Pekka Halme to work on the preparations for the Working Week, hereunder to design interesting and inspiring plenary sessions. Orhan Ercan, who is both new elected FIG Vice President and Co-Congress Director of FIG Congress 2018 also attended Intergeo to promote the congress both towards potential participants and exhibitors.

Member meeting with FIG Task Force on Commission Structure

DVW had kindly provided a meeting room for FIG for a meeting on the Commission Structure together with the FIG Task Force during Intergeo for those FIG members that were present. Mikael Lilje, Chair of the Task Force and incoming Vice President, presented the survey that took place during August among all FIG members, and this survey together with the progress so far of the Task Force was discussed between members, the Task Force and members of FIG Council. One commet was that the difference between Commissions and Networks should be more clear, and also how Task Forces can be used more efficiently for the response of surveyors to trends and current problems.

Two further member meetings are planned in the coming month in Ivory Coast in connection with the Africa Network meeting, and in Fiji combined with an Asia/Pacific Network meeting. The response from the meetings together with further inviestigation will be included in a report from the Task Force that will be presented to the General Assembly in May 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.

Chryssy Potsiou at the opening ceremony of Intergeo
that took place in the beautiful town hall of Hamburg.  

Louise Friis-Hansen
31 October 2016