News in 2016

Minutes from FIG General Assembly

2 and 6 May 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand

The minutes from FIG General Assembly 2016 that took place on 2 and 6 May in Christchurch, New Zealand as part of the FIG Working Week 2016 are now available:

The minutes are sent by email  and also by hard copy to to all FIG members. Included in the letter, together with the hard copy of the minutes, are the Annual Review 2015 as well as the latest joint FIG/GLTN publication 67 on Property Taxation for Developing Economies. Please also note the FIG-UN ECE report on Formalizing the Informal - Challenges and Opportunities of Informal Settlements in South-East Europe.

If you need further copies of the Annual Review 2015, please let us know at

4 July 2016