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From Fit-For-Purpose to Multi-Purpose Commission 7 Annual Event

24-28 October 2016, Coimbra, Portugal

Like other years the annual meeting was combined with a conference for international guests and for members of the national association. Both meetings were organised together with the "Ordem dos Engenheiros (OE)" (the Portuguese Engineers Professional Association).

The FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity for land surveyors from around the world to meet up and hear first-hand about cadastral developments in different scenarios, to share experiences, and to learn about what is happening in this particular sector of activity.

In the two-days Geoconference on "Cadastre 4.0 - Transparency-Participation-Collaboration” invited speakers from all over the world shared their knowledge on new technologies and automatization of processes, products and services.

In total 78 participants from five continents participated in both meetings. During the week they were able to learn and discuss about the developments ranging from fit for purpose to multi-purpose. The social program provided a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Coimbra, its impressive history and the strong link with the university traditions.  

Knight Schennach and her Commission 7 Legion

Group photo og the attendess

20 December 2016