Conference and Seminar Proceedings

3rd IAG Symposium on Geodecy for Geotechnical Structural Engineering & 12th FIG Sympoisum on Deformation and Measurement

22-24 May in Baden, Austria


Organised by:

Prof. Heribert Kahmen
Research Group of Engineering Geodesy
Inst. of Geodesy and Geophysics
Vienna University of Technology
Vienna, Austria

Prof. Adam Chrzanowski
Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering
Dept. of Geodesy & Geomatics Engineering
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, Canada

Local Organizing Committee:

Secretary: Members:

Dr. Günther Retscher
Dr. Andreas Eichhorn
Dr. Johannes Fabiankowitsch,
Dr. Michaela Haberler-Weber,
Dr. Alexander Reiterer

Scientific Committee:


Klaus Chmelina, Austria
Xiaoli Ding, Hong Kong
Naser El-Sheimy, Canada
Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, USA
Svend Kold Johansen, Denmark
Gyula Mentes, Hungary
John Bosco Miima, Germany
Esmond Mok, Hong Kong
Wolfgang Niemeier, Germany
Witold Proszynski, Poland
Chris Rizos, Australia
Gethin Roberts, UK
Matthew Tait, Canada
Maria Tsakiri, Greece
Cecilia Whitaker, USA
Zhenglu Zhang, China

Co-sponsored by:

IAG Sub-Commission 4.2
FIG Working Group 6.1


OC Opening Ceremony

Tasks and Achievements of the FIG Working Group on Deformation Measurements and Analysis
Adam Chrzanowski
[ paper ]

From Idea to Reality: The Case Study of a New Deformation Monitoring Technology
Chris Rizos
[ paper ]

Driving Burj Dubai Core Walls with an advanced Data Fusion System
Joël van Cranenbroeck
[ paper ]

LCS Large Construction Sites
Combined Levelling Systems for the Vertical Monitoring of a Large Physics Experiment
J.-C. Gayde, A. Herty, H. Mainaud Durand, C. Lasseur
[ paper ]

Design and Implementation of a Real Time GPS Network for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
C. Whitaker, Y. Bock, G. Offield
[ paper ]

Application of Network TPS Intelligent Monitoring System in Subway Structure Deformation Monitoring
H. Bao, D. Zhao, Z. Fu, J. Zhu, F. Sun, J. Wei
[ paper ]

PGO1 Open Pit / Gas / Oil I
Accuracy Evaluation of Geodetic Monitoring of Deformations in Large Open Pit Mines
A. Chrzanowski, R. Wilkins
[ paper ]

Shallow and Deep Compaction: a View From the Surface
I.C. Kroon, B.-L. Nguyen, P.A. Fokker
[ paper ]

Four Dimensional Monitoring of Ground Subsidence in Kawasaki, Japan, by repeated GPS survey
Y. Fujii, Y. Shinde
[ paper ]

Subsidence prediction caused by the oil and gas development
A. Sroka, R. Hejmanowski
[ paper ]

PGO2 Open Pit / Gas / Oil II
A DEM-Free Approach to Persistent Point Scatterer Interferometry
M. Warren, A. Sowter, R. Bingley
[ paper ]

Coupled application of geotechnical and geodetical slope movement monitoring
J. Zalesky, M. Bohadlova, M. Bubenicek, M. Zalesky, P. Hanek, P. Hanek Jr., F. Bubenik
[ paper ]

Vertical movements in the Grado Lagoon (Italy) measured with various methods
C. Marchesini
[ paper ]

Vertical movements from levelling, gravity and GPS measurements
N. Hatjidakis, D. Rossikopoulos
[ paper ]

GPS1 GPS / Pseudolites I

Application of Full Roving GPS Observation Strategy for Monitoring Local Movements
L. Banyai
[ paper ]

Experimental Study of GPS Multipath Day-to-day Repeatability
P. Zhong, X.L. Ding, W.J. Dai, D.W. Zheng, W. Chen, Y.Q. Chen
[ paper ]

GNSS/GPS/LPS based Online Control and Alarm System (GOCA)-Mathematical Models and Technical Realisation of a System for Natural and Geotechnical Deformation Monitoring and Analysis
R. Jäger, S. Kälber, M. Oswald, M. Bertges
[ paper ]

Treatment of Diffraction Effects Caused by Moutain Ridges
R. Klostius, A. Wieser, F.K. Brunner
[ paper ]

GPS2 GPS / Pseudolites II

Structural Deformation Monitoring using Locata’s Radio-Location Technology
J. Barnes, C. Rizos, M. Kanli, A. Pahwa, J.v. Cranenbroeck
[ paper ]

High-sensitivity GNSS: The trade-off between availability and accuracy
A. Wieser
[ paper ]

Pseudolite-augmented gps survey technique for deformation monitoring: analysis and experimental study
Y. Chen, X. He
[ paper ]

Integration of gps and pseudolites – effect on height determination accuracy
Z. Rzepecka, A. Wasilewski, S. Cellmer, J. Rapiński
[ paper ]

LCM Landslides / Crustal Movements

Do Deep-Seated Landslides Share Common Kinematic Characteristics?
S.I. Pytharouli, V.A. Kontogianni, P.A. Psimoulis, S.C. Stiros
[ paper ]

Determination of Site Motions in the vicinity of the Erft fault in the Lower Rhine Embayment
B. Görres, H. Kuhlmann
[ paper ]

The stability of rock blocks in the Moravian karst
V. Hanzl, A. Paseka
[ paper ]

Coulomb Stress Changes in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) for the 1992-1995 Period
C. Mitsakaki, K. Papazissi, M. Sakellariou, A. Marinou, D. Tsinas
[ paper ]

MST1 Monitoring of Structures I

Permanent Automatic Monitoring of Historical Ecclesiastical Architecture
K. Foppe
[ paper ]

Determination of deformations of the ancient temple of Zeus in Nemea, Greece
E. Telioni, G. Georgopoulos, C. Skliri, C. Zambas
[ paper ]

Structural monitoring with GPS and accelerometers: the chimney of the power plant in Piacenza, Italy
N.E. Cazzaniga, L. Pinto, F. Bettinali, A. Frigerio
[ paper ]

Monitoring the Behaviour of Very Tall Structures under the Action of Non-uniform Sunlight. The Case of a 350 m High Chimneystack From Baia Mare, Romania
G.M. Radulescu, A.T.G. Radulescu
[ paper ]

MST2 Monitoring of Structures II

A Concept for Monitoring Wind Energy Turbines with Geodetic Techniques
C. Hesse, R. Heer, S. Horst, H. Neuner
[ paper ]

Geometrical survey of compact antenna test ranges using laser tracker technology
M. Juretzko, E. Richter
[ paper ]

Investigation of the deformation and movements of objects caused by Earth tides
G. Mentes
[ paper ]

Experimental monitoring of oscillations of major flexible structures using GPS and RTS
P.A. Psimoulis, S.I. Pytharouli, P. Triantafyllidis, S.C. Stiros
[ paper ]

AOD Instrumentation & Analysis of Deformations

Deformation Analysis with Knowledge and Fuzzy Based Systems
K. Chmelina, A. Eichhorn, M. Haberler-Weber, H. Kahmen
[ paper ]

Fuzzy System Based Analysis of Deformation Monitoring Data at Eiblschrofen Rockfall Area
M. Haberler-Weber, M. Huber, T. Wunderlich, C. Kandler
[ paper ]

From a fully automated structure monitoring to a neural network data inference: The Fallersleber Torbrücke in Braunschweig 1999 – now
M. Heinert, S. Reiser, W. Niemeier
[ paper ]

Deformation Measurements of Landslides in Swabian Alb -Research Projekt InterRisk-
W. Schauerte, R. Bell, T. Glade, H. Kuhlmann
[ paper ]

Application of a Multi-Parameter Transformation for Deformation Monitoring of a Large Structure
W.F. Teskey, B. Paul, J.W. Lovse
[ paper ]

MOD1 Modelling of Deformations I

Analysis of dynamic deformation processes with adaptive Kalman-filtering
A. Eichhorn
[ paper ]

An alternative approach in metrological network deformation analysis employing kinematic and adaptive methods
A. Lippitsch, C. Lasseur
[ paper ]

Continuum Mechanics as a Support for Deformation Monitoring, Analysis and Interpretation
A. Szostak-Chrzanowski, W. Prószynski, W. Gambin
[ paper ]

Application of Unscented Kalman Filter for Non-linear Estimation in Deformation Monitoring
D. Zhao, C. Zhang, H. Bao, Z. Cai, Q. Wang
[ paper ]

MOD2 Modelling of Deformations II

Douglas-Peucker and Visvalingam-Whyatt Methods in the Process of Large Sets of Observation Results Reduction
W. Blaszczak, W. Kamiński
[ paper ]

Statistical and Spatial Analysis of Displacements
K. Bojarowski
[ paper ]

Congruence Tests and Outlier Detection in Deformation Analysis with Respect to Observation Imprecision
I. Neumann, H. Kutterer
[ paper ]

On the Detection of Change-Points in Structural Deformation Analysis
H. Neuner, H. Kutterer
[ paper ]

MOD3 Modelling of Deformations III

Datum Definition and its Influence on the Sensitivity of Geodetic Monitoring Networks
G. Even-Tzur
[ paper ]

GPS Monitoring Networks: Interval-based description of measurement uncertainties due to remaining systematics
S. Schön, H. Kutterer
[ paper ]

High Accuracy Deformation Monitoring of Space Structures by Heuristic Simulation
J. Amiri Parian, A. Gruen, A. Cozzani
[ paper ]

Web Application to Deformation Analysis of Repeated Geodetical Mea-surement Using WMS
M. Talich
[ paper ]

LS1 Laserscanning I

Optimization and Strength Aspects for Geo-referencing Data with Terrestrial Laser Scanner Systems
I. Elkhrachy, W. Niemeier
[ paper ]

Laser scanning for geotechnical engineering
I. Kohousek
[ paper ]

Metrological Aspects in Terrestrial Laser-Scanning Technology
H. Ingensand
[ paper ]

Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanners for the Purposes of Geodetic Engineering
Y. Reshetyuk
[ paper ]

3D Surveying for Structural Analysis Applications
A. Guarnieri, F. Pirotti, M. Pontin, A. Vettore
[ paper ]

LS2 Laserscanning II

Terrestrial Laser System Testing using Reference Bodies
M. Zámečníková, A. Kopáčik
[ paper ]

Terrestrial laser scanning for area based deformation analysis of towers and water dams
D. Schneider
[ paper ]

Deformation measurements at historical buildings with the help of three-dimensional recording methods and two-dimensional surface evaluations
H. Sternberg
[ paper ]

3D model Generation for Deformation Analysis using Laser Scanning data of a Cooling Tower
C. Ioannidis, A. Valani, A. Georgopoulos, E. Tsiligiris
[ paper ]

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Deformation Monitoring
M. Tsakiri, D. Lichti, N. Pfeifer
[ paper ]

MDA Monitoring of Dams
Analysis of Geodetic Data of “Djerdap I” (Iron Gate) Dam on Danube, Serbia and Montenegro
Z. Nestorović, D. Maksimović
[ paper ]

Statistical analysis and displacement determination using different GPS sessions. An application on Dam of Thesarus
N. Hatjidakis, I. Michailidis, G. Nakas, C. Pikridas, D. Rossikopoulos, L. Sakkos
[ paper ]

Direct GPS Measurement of Koyna Dam Deformation during Earthquake
N. Radhakrishnan
[ paper ]

Relation between Monitoring and Design Aspects of Large Earth Dams
A. Szostak-Chrzanowski, M. Massiera
[ paper ]

NCP Navigation of Construction Processes
Geodetic Techniques for the Navigation, Guidance and Control of Construction Processes
W. Niemeier
[ paper ]

Steering Problems and Solutions During Construction of Roads
H. Kuhlmann, H. Heister
[ paper ]

1D and 3D Systems in Machine Automation
W. Stempfhuber
[ paper ]

MTU Monitoring of Tunnels
Surface deformation monitoring in tunnel S2 of the EGNATIA highway
S. Karamitsos, I. Kotsis, V. Gikas, A. Alivizatos
[ paper ]

Determining the Displacement Occurred in the Tunnels Using Different Measurement and Finite Elements Methods: a Case Study for Trabzon-2 Tunnel, in Turkey
M. Yalcinkaya, B. Satir, M. Akköse
[ paper ]

Uncertainty in tacheometric measurement of convergences in tunnels
M. João Henriques, J. Casaca
[ paper ]

NMM Navigation / Mobile Mapping
Enhanced Kinematic Positioning Methods by Shaping Filter Augmentation
K. Ramm
[ paper ]

Sensitivity Analysis as a General Tool for Model Optimisation – Examples for Trajectory Estimation
V. Schwieger
[ paper ]

Multi-sensor personal navigator supported by human motion dynamics model
D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, C. Toth, S. Moafipoor, Y. Jwa, J. Kwon
[ paper ]

MBR Monitoring of Bridges
Automatic Measurement System for Crane Measurement
A. Kopáčik, P. Kyrinovič
[ paper ]

A remote deformation monitoring system for a cable-stayed bridge using wireless Internet-based GPS technology
H. Li, J. Ou
[ paper ]

GPS Deflection Monitoring of the West Gate Bridge
N. Raziq, P. Collier
[ paper ]

Deflection Monitoring and Frequency Analysis of the Forth Road Bridge using GPS
G.W. Roberts, C.J. Brown, X. Meng
[ paper ]

Analysis Tools for Differential SAR Interferometric Data
M. Crosetto, J.A. Gili, E. Biescas, M. Agudo, O. Monserrat, B. Crippa
[ paper ]

PSInSAR: Using Satellite Radar Data to Measure Surface Deformation Remotely
A. Ferretti, S. Cespa, F. Novali, D. Perissin, F. Rocca, C. Prati
[ paper ]

Three-dimensional Surface Displacement Field of the Mw 7.6, 8 October 2005, Kashmir Earthquake Inferred From ENVISAT SAR Amplitude Mea-surements
L. Ge, H. Wang, C. Rizos
[ paper ]

D-InSAR Monitoring of Ground Deformations in a Geothermal Area in Kyushu, Japan
M. Omura, S. Kobayashi, K. Koike, N. Tomiyama
[ paper ]

Monitoring Slope Deformation by Means of Satellite-Borne Radar Interferometry
T. Nagler, H. Rott
[ paper ]

Ground-based radar interferometry for monitoring unstable slopes
M. Pieraccini, G. Luzi, D. Mecatti, L. Noferini, G. Macaluso, C. Atzeni
[ paper ]

Application of SAR interferometric techniques for surface deformation monitoring
U. Wegmüller, C. Werner, T. Strozzi, A. Wiesmann
[ paper ]

O3D Optical 3D Systems
A new Geodetic methodology for the accurate Documentation and Monitoring of inaccessible surfaces
Ε. Lambrou, G. Pantazis
[ paper ]

Displacement Monitoring at the Micron Level Using Digital Photogrammetry
L. Tournas, M. Tsakiri, M. Kattis
[ paper ]

Object Monitoring/Reconstruction with Automated Image-based Measurement Systems
A. Reiterer
[ paper ]

Poster Session
Application of Modern Communication Approaches in Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Automatic Surveying
H. Bao, D. Zhao, F. Sun, Z. Fu, J. Zhu, J. Li
[ paper ]

Fusion of GPS and L1 Pseudolites for Structural Deformation Monitoring
J. Barnes, C. Rizos, M. Kanli, A. Pahwa, D. Grejner-Brzezinska
[ paper ]

A new GPS Baseline Processing Algorithm for Engineering Surveys
S. Cellmer
[ paper ]

Preliminary Test of GPS+PL Positioning Algorithm for Engineering Geodesy
S. Cellmer, J. Rapinski, Z. Rzepecka
[ paper ]

Fully Automated Monitoring of Deformations at Large Open Pit Mines – Problems and Solutions
A. Chrzanowski, G. Bastin, J. Bond, R. Wilkins
[ paper ]

Monitoring Deflection of Vertical Surfaces Using GPS
N. Raziq, P. Collier
[ paper ]

InSAR and Its Contribution to Surveying and Geodesy
X. Ding
[ paper ]

The Influence of Geophysical Measurements Applications on Land Use Attractor
M. Gerus-Gosciewska
[ paper ]

Influence of Measurement Points Positioning on Accuracy of Interpolation Surfaces
D. Gosciewski
[ paper ]

Traffic Flow Monitoring from Airborne LiDAR/CCD Data
D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, C.K. Toth, S. Moafipoor, E. Paska, N. Csanyi
[ paper ]

High-Resolution Airborne LiDAR/CCD Mapping of San Andreas Fault
C. Toth, D.A. Grejner-Brzezinska, M. Bevis
[ paper ]

Post mining deformation monitoring based on Satellite Radar Interferometry (InSAR)
E. Popiołek, A. Krawczyk
[ paper ]

GNSS for Structural Deformation and Deflection Monitoring: Implementation and Data Analysis
X. Meng, G.W. Roberts, A.H. Dodson, S. Ince, S. Waugh
[ paper ]

Investigation of the connection between recent tectonic movements and landslides at the high loess wall on the bank of river Danube
G. Mentes
[ paper ]

Coherent radar for measuring dynamic and static deformations of architectural structures
M. Pieraccini, M. Fratini, F. Parrini, C. Atzeni
[ paper ]

Analysis of the GPS monitoring record of the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland
S. Pytharouli, X. Meng, S. Stiros, G.W. Roberts
[ paper ]

A Multi-Sensor Personal Positioning System for Combined Indoor/Outdoor Environments
G. Retscher, M. Thienelt
[ paper ]

Modelling physical correlation of GPS phase observations: First results
S. Schön, F.K. Brunner
[ paper ]

Comparison of correction models for distance dependent systematic effects in GPS monitoring networks with large height differences
S. Schön
[ paper ]

Folding of Moho and GPS survey in Tibet
Y.H. Shin, H. Xu, P.H. Park, J.U. Park
[ paper ]

Low Cost Monitoring System in the Open Pit Lignite Mines of Megalopoli, Greece
H. Zahariadis, M. Tsakiri
[ paper ]

Structural Monitoring Applications with the New Leica NIVEL200 Dual Axis Inclination Sensor
J.v. Cranenbroeck, M. Rutschmann
[ paper ]

Application of Difference Methods in Surveying
D. Zhao, X. Wu, H. Bao, Z. Cai, S. Li
[ paper ]

Photogrammetric 3-D Digitizing for Deformation Analysis – New Developments and Applications
J. Peipe, J. Reinking, C.-T. Schneider
[ paper ]

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