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Aubrey Barker Fund Golden Jubilee Prize

28 April 2022

In celebration of 50 years of operation, the Aubrey Barker Fund is hosting the Golden Jubilee Prize to further raise awareness the survey and land economy professions and their contribution to a sustainable world.

The Aubrey Barker Fund, which is dedicated to enhancing sustainable survey and land management skills in developing countries, is celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2022.

In order to mark this occasion they are conducting a competition for students who are studying survey, land economy or a related discipline in a higher education institution. Applicants should produce a videoclip of max. 2 minutes that addresses the theme: How can surveyors lead us into a sustainable future?

  1. Overall First Prize – £500 donated by ABF plus a Leica prize which could be equipment or an internship, dependent on location and status of winners.
  2. Special prize for most interesting entry from a country in the current list of World Bank low income or low middle income economies supported by Leica.
Who can apply and how?

Entry is open to individuals and groups (of three students or less) enrolled in a survey, land economy or related degree at a higher education institution.

The deadline for submissions is June 13th 2022. Winners will be announced on July 31st.

For details about the competition, and the grants of the Aubrey Barker Fund, please visit their website

Read more about the competition and how to apply here!

About the Aubrey Barker Fund

Established in 1972, the Aubrey Barker Fund is dedicated to enhancing sustainable survey and land management skills in developing countries through professional education and capacity building for the lasting benefit of local communities.

The Fund works to support the development of necessary survey and land management skills, and to ensure that they are available in all nations and communities; alongside encouraging and facilitating the sharing of these skills and knowledge with communities so that we increase our collective capacity to manage our key asset: our land.


Evelien Hertz - van Gelder
April 2022