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6th Young Surveyors Conference - report

15-16 May 2021

The 6th FIG Young Surveyors Conference (6YSC) was held on the 15 - 16 May, 2021, along the 2021 FIG
Working Week. The theme, "Challenges in our new reality: Reimagining a Sustainble Future,
highlights the place of the current generation of students and young professionals at the cross roads
of uncertainty, planning ahead into a sustainable future. This set the stage for several thoughtprovoking,
and interesting insights into the challenges of our current times from young and seasoned
surveyors and allied disciplines from all around the world.

 The 6YSCe was held in four regional programmes covering the Africa and European Region, the South American Region, the North American Region, and the Asia and the Pacific Region.

Each programme comprised a keynote session, two parallel sessions, which included panel discussions and presentations, as well as a plenary interactive session. In total, the conference brought together about 300 young surveyors from around the world into four regional programmes, which focused on two broad streams - sustainablity and professional development.

The 6YSC provided young surveyors a unique insight into the future of the surveying profession, the future of technology, as well as sustainable development all within the context of the challenges of the current day. This report outlines what transpired in the the two day conference.



Louise Friis-Hansen
July 2021