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  • General Assembly I - Monday 6 May 2013

  • General Assembly II - Friday 10 May 2013

  • Welcome Reception - Monday 6 May 2013

  • Opening Ceremony - Tuesday 7 May 2012

  • Plenary Sessions

  • Technical sessions, Special Forums and Events

  • Exhibition

  • Farewell Reception

Welcome to Abuja, Nigeria

Rodulf Staiger welcoming participants of FIG Working 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria

...together with Robert Sinkner, Volker Schwieger and Kate Fairlie.

All the international participants arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, which is named after the first president of Nigeria.

A greeting Committee welcomed the international participants in the Airport

Jakob Højgaard-Geraae and Brent Jones

...and Ludmiła Pietrzak, Elzbieta Bielecka and Shujiro Nishi waiting for the shuttle bus.


FIG Working Week 2013 took place at two different venues, Nicon Luxury Hotel

..and International Conference Centre.

The two venues are directly connected. The two can be accessed, by walking, through a Security gate on a dividing fence.


The lobby area of Nicon Luxury Hotel was very busy during the week.

Surveyors women were a colourful and energising element in the Working Week. Even the dresses were coordinated and were all very beautiful.

Traditional dancing and drumming outside the Conference Centre gave a lively atmosphere.

The many Surveyors Wives gave extra flavour to the Working Week with their fantastic dresses and cheerfulness.

Surveyors Women surrounding Claudia Stormoen, FIG Office

Another group with lovely dresses together with Louise Friis-Hansen.

The dancers from the Opening Ceremony continued outside maintaining the energetic atmosphere

Nicon Luxury Hotel.


Registration at the Nicon Luxury Hotel, Lower Level

Young surveyors from NIS helping the participants at the registration.

Benedicta Ugwulebo, Louise Friis-Hansen and Jennifer  Ikposo Dengiyefa.


Claudia Stormoen, FIG Office.

Hanne Elster,
FIG Office (left) at the registration.

Hanne Elster, Robert Sinkner and Rudolf Staiger together with representatives of the surveyors wives.

At the Nigerian registration desk it was busy and crowded throughout the Working Week. More than 2000 Nigerians participated in the Working Week.

NIS Dinner

NIS, who was a very welcoming host,  hosted a dinner prior the Working Week for Nigerian representatives and representatives from FIG.

Barde Jatau, Congress Director making his address at the NIS Dinner.


Througout the week there were a large crew of helpers and photograpers.

Julie Hyun Sook Lee, Korea ,who is working in the FIG Office for one year enjoys the dinner with John Hannah, and Danilo Antonio.

The Danish DdL President Henning Elmstroem having a good time with Australian John Brock

FIG Vice President Pengfei Cheng with TianTian

Gene Amako, his wife and son and Angela Kesiena Etuonovbe (green dress).

Danilo Antonio, Louise Friis-Hansen and Solomon Haile.

The dinner was an excellent opportunity to renew old friendships and make new acquaintances.

Foundation Dinner / Nigerian Evening

Young Surveyors, John Hohol, President of FIG Foundation (middle) and Chryssy Potsiou, FIG Vice President (right) ready for the dinner.

President of FIG Foundation John Hohol greeting all to the dinner

John Hohol, President of the FIG Foundation making his welcome greeting to the dinner.

Trimble was the sponsors of the Foundation Dinner. The long term supporter of the Foundation Dinner and sustaining member of the Foundation was represented by Keith Hofgartner making his welcome address.

"Chief Brock"  learning about the local culture

Traditional Nigerian Dancing and Drumming

Robert Sinkner, Robert and John Brock thanking for a wonderful evening.


Reception for participants in the Joint UN-Habitat GLTN/FIG Surveyor Generals Roundtable/Director Generals Forum, the Member Associations Forum and Main sponsors of the FIG Working Week.


Gala Dinner

The dinner included thanks to all involved in the Working Week, here Louise Friis-Hansen, FIG Manager.

FIG President CheeHai Teo and Minister of Works, Arc. Mike Onolememen enjoy the gala dinner.

During the dinner a local duo entertained with funny stories and reflections


Vice President Rudolfs Staiger showing his African dance talent together with NIS president Bode Adeaga and the Nigerian dancers.

Rudolf Staiger showing his dancing talent

The most amazing dancers and acrobats performed at the gala dinner

Participants following the entertainment.
The Nigerian dance attracted several participants to show their dancing skills. Robert Sinkner, Wafula Nabutola, Chryssy Potsiou, Jakob Højgaard-Geraae and Leonie Newnham competed in a dance competition.

Vladimira Zufanova and Robert Sinkner

Paul van der Molen and Leonie Newnham

...others followed. Here Hanne Elster and Christiaan Lemmen



Robert Sinkner and Chryssy Potsiou.

Louise Friis-Hansen, NIS President Stephen Olubode Adeaga and Liza Groenendijk.


Lunches and Coffee Break at the International Conference Centre gave an excellent taste of Nigerian food.

Technical and Social Tours


Pasi Häkli and a butcher.

Nigerian Hand Crafts Centre.

A wonderful selection of homemade crafts.

Ready to go on a boat trip to the Confluence (meeting point) of the two main rivers in Nigeria the Niger and Benue.

Local surveyors were guiding the International participants on the trip.

A special thanks to NIS and all the persons involved who organised an unforgettable Working Week for all participants.

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