FIG Commission 7

FIG Commission 7 - Cadastre and Land Management

The mission of commission 7 is to: Commission Chair
  • provide a forum for enhancing and exchanging knowledge about cadastre, land admini-stration and land management world wide
  • To encourage the development of pro poor land management and land administration
  • To promote the importance of development of sustainable land administration as infra-structure for sustainable development to underpin economic growth
  • To promote the application of innovative and advanced technology in cadastre and land
  • To promote awareness of the role of surveyors in land administration matters to the public and among stake holders.

Dipl. Ing. Gerda Schennach
email: gerda.schennach[at]

Upcoming Events

FIG Commission 3 and 7 event November 2015

Crowdsourcing of Land Information - Joint FIG Commission 3 and 7 meeting

 The meeting is rganised by FIG Commission 3 and 7 in cooperation with Malta Institution of Surveyors. Invitation and call for papers

Call for Paper (Dealine 15 July 2015)

Christchurch, New Zealand

2-6 May 2016

Recent News

FIG Commission 7 Annual meeting and Geo Conference 2014
Réunion annuelle de la Commission 7 de la FIG et GéoCongrés 2014
7-11 October 2014, Québec, Canada

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and GeoConference 2014


The FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and GeoConference 2014 will take place 7-11 October, Qu?ec, Canada.
R?nion annuelle de la Commission 7 de la FIG et G?Congr? 2014

Links to a short you-tube clip:

FIG Commission 7 Newsletter - June 2014

FIG Commission 7 Annual meeting 2013, "Land Policies and Land Governance International Symposium and Workshop", Yaounde, Cameroon, 21 Oct. - 25 Oct. 2013

Commission 7 Annual meeting in Yaound? Cameroon

A series of events was held in the Djeuga Palace hotel in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon in October 2013:
 - Annual Meeting of FIG Commission 7 on Cadastre and Land       
 - General Assembly of the FGF ? the F??ation des G?m?res
 - Training Workshop in Land Administration
 - International Symposium on Land Policies and Land Governance 

LADM2013: 5th FIG International Land Administration Domain Model Workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-25 September 2013

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LADM audience focussed

Over 40 participants attended the workshop and a total of 25 peer reviewed papers were presented, covering a range of themes, including: the industry perspective on LADM; the linkage between LADM and information infrastructures; refined LADM modeling, 3D representations and formalizing LADM semantics; specific LADM country profiles; and implementation aspects.
FIG Commission 7
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