FIG Commission 1

Term 2003-2006

Hightlights Commission Chair

Commission 1 looks back to a very successful period 2002 – 2006. Many presentations at all FIG events were made. Lots of discussions took place and mutual understanding between colleagues from different regions and cultures have been strengthened. Not all our wishes of an ambitious work plan have become reality but there is always another term.

Mr. Klaus Rürup

 Thanks to the very active vice chairs commission 1 achieved a lot as you can see below. But there remains one problem: How to get more surveyors active in commission work? Sometimes it looks like depending on the place of venue whether it is attractive or not, whether expected discussions in that region are worth going there or not.

All members of commission 1 took benefit out of the fact widening their own horizon, seeing different cultures and learning how surveyors in different regions solve their problems in different ways. All members of commission 1 should receive a big thank you for their commitment to FIG and to the work in commission 1.



Working Groups

Working Group 1.1 - FIG Standards Network


  • Developing the involvement of practising surveyors in the development and use of standards
  • Increasing the influence of surveyors on key international standardisation bodies
  • Building the linkage between FIG workplans and standardisation activities
  • Advising FIG officers and members on standards and standardisation
  • Supporting the implementation of FIG's policy on standards


Iain Greenway (Ireland), e-mail: igreenway[at] 

Working Group 1.2 - Professional practice and organisational structures


  • Widening professional activities, overcome restrictions
  • European and world-wide limitations, monitoring the legal development (i.e. GATS, EC Treaty, other relevant policies)
  • Dialogue between politicians and surveyors, as well as public private partnership.


Michael Keller (Switzerland), e-mail: Mkeller[at] 

Specific projects

  • Fundamentals of legal frameworks to be presented in a paper. (2002)
  • Professional studies, business structures, bans or restrictions to be investigated. Facts to be collected for development of a paper. (2003)
  • Recommendations on behalf of less developed countries, acknowledgement by developed countries, how structural and legal processes might be possible. Models to be proposed. (2004)
  • Acknowledgement of the requirements of governments /survey departments - necessary information provided as a basis for surveyors to deal with the legal developments and future requirements. (2005)
  • Review Publication 29 on Business Practices and determine whether there is a need to update it. (2005)
  • Synthesis of the research undertaken (Munich 2006)


  • Fundamentals of legal frameworks paper - 2002
  • Professional studies, business structures, bans or restrictions, results of investigations. - 2003
  • Report on work and findings - Munich 2006


  • The Working Group will continue until at least the Congress in Munich in 2006.

Final report

  • During the Munich Congress.


  • Surveyors and surveying practices;
  • Other professionals working in land management and development;
  • Member associations and sister associations;
  • All Commissions;
  • Universities and educational organisations.

Working Group 1.3 - Information technology management as it relates to professional practice and communications


  • Identifying the impact of IT, Internet and e-commerce on the profession and determining strategies for dealing with the impact.
  • Communicating effectively to the FIG community including using the Homepage of Commission 1
  • Development of Knowledge Management concepts as a way of working more effectively.


Chair: Yaacoub Saade (Lebanon), e-mail: comandoo1[at] 
Co-Chair: Stephen Djaba (Ghana), e-mail: Stephen[at] 

Working Group 1.4 - International project management (Joint Activity with Commission 10)


  • Ability of professionals to work as effectively as possible in multifaceted projects as such projects are an important component of professional service delivery.
  • Working with people, communicating messages, moving towards more collaborative work processes as the world of the professional and the type of work undertaken expands into other related areas.
  • Being aware of current good practice, how it can be implemented across a variety of delivery systems and communicating this to professionals.
  • Knowing what quality management is and being provided with resources to assist in applying this in diverse work situations.


Leonie Newnham (Australia), e-mail: Leonie.Newnham[at] 

Working Group 1.5 - Under-represented Groups in Surveying (Joint working group with other FIG Technical Commissions)


  • Survey the role of minorities in the world of surveying and the benefit of diversity.
  • Analyse the present status of under-represented groups and be aware of good practices concerning the support of under-represented groups in FIG member associations, in professions and at universities.
  • Enhance fair competition for minority groups.


Gabriele Dasse (Germany), e-mail: g.dasse[at]