FIG Young Surveyors Network


The FIG Young Surveyors Network (YSN) has come quite a long way since the establishment at the FIG Congress in Munich in 2006. The contribution to the work of FIG and its 10 Commissions is the core of the Network. Ensuring that Young Surveyors are well represented and active in the FIG Commissions is imperative.

The YSN organise various events like meetings, workshops, conferences and trainings all over the world. Some of these events are recognized by and some are also organised in co-operation with leading associations like UN-Habitat, World Bank, FAO, CLGE etc. Those co-operations and partnerships are the key in showing that it is our generation who are the ambassadors and agents of change. Co-operating with world-leading businesses and sponsors enables us to inform and show future and up to date technology. The presence in media through publishing various articles, statements and comments in magazines, social media and forums leads to a worldwide recognition. 

The FIG YSN was established, with the initial purpose to bring more YS into FIG, as Commission 1 ‘Working Group - 1.2 Working Group Young Surveyors’. In 2009 the working group was upgraded to a Young Surveyors Network in Eilat, Israel. The experience we gathered and input we delivered over the last years led to a much broader range of tasks and audience.

So far so good - and now it’s time to go further. Based on the theme of Chryssy Potsiou, FIG president

2015 - 2018, the FIG YSN ensures that ‘the Rapid Response to Change will be done by the Surveyor of Tomorrow

- by the FIG YSN.