FIG Commission 7

FIG Commission 7 - Cadastre and Land Management

The mission of commission 7 is to: Commission Chair
  • provide a forum for enhancing and exchanging knowledge about cadastre, land admini-stration and land management world wide
  • To encourage the development of pro poor land management and land administration
  • To promote the importance of development of sustainable land administration as infra-structure for sustainable development to underpin economic growth
  • To promote the application of innovative and advanced technology in cadastre and land
  • To promote awareness of the role of surveyors in land administration matters to the public and among stake holders.

Ms. Gerda Schennach, OVG, Austria

Upcoming Events

FIG Commission 3 and 7 event November 2015

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting
and Crowdsourcing of Land Information - Joint FIG Commission 3 and 7 meeting

 The meeting is organised by FIG Commission 3 and 7 in cooperation with Malta Institution of Surveyors. Invitation and call for papers

Call for Paper (Dealine 15 July 2015)

Christchurch, New Zealand

2-6 May 2016

Recent News

Dear Commission 7 Delegates, Correspondents and friends!

At the end of this year, I want to thank all of you for your support for and for your contributions to the work of FIG Commission 7 in order to raise awareness on land rights, to secure or/and improve rights on land  and to support interest groups wherever it is necessary. Establishing contacts and co-operating with professionals in all regions all over the globe will bring us forward in implementing tools which are appropriate to meet these goals.
2016 will continue with as many events as in 2015, where Commission 7 representatives will play key roles!
The most important internal events to meet within the FIG community in 2016 are already on the agenda
FIG Working Week Christchurch, New Zealand, 2-6 May 2016, under the theme “Recovery from Disaster”, is already under final arrangements for the technical programme. More informtion and registration at
Don't miss to register before 8 February 2016 in order to get the discount of 90 EUR off the standard registration fee.
The Commission 7 Annual Meeting including an international Seminar will be held in Coimbra, Portugal, 23-28 Oct 2016. Our Portuguese colleagues have already started with preparations for these events. A first announcement including information on travelling, accommodation and technical programme will be sent out in spring.
I do hope to welcome as many partners of the Commission 7 community as possible in both events!
For the moment, please take my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Looking forward to working for a successful 2016.
Gerda Schennach

Invitation: Workshop on Crowdsourcing of Land Information - Joint FIG Commission 7 and 3 meeting

It is a great pleasure to invite you to this year Annual Meeting of Commission 7, which will be held on 16-20 November 2015 in Malta, Europe. The Annual Meeting will be linked to an International Workshop on Crowdsourcing of Land Information, co-organised by FIG Commission 3 and Commission 7.

The most interesting theme of the Workshop and high-level presentations linking subjects from the perspectives of both Commissions involved as well as the location in the very centre of the Mediterranean Basin with surrounding countries representing a big variety of professional background lets expect a vibrant event.

The planning for the sessions will be twofold – while Commission 3 has launched a call for peer reviewed papers, Commission 7 stays as before with invited speakers and non-peer reviewed papers for the Annual Meeting. Delegates are welcome to submit their proposals to If you wish to apply for a peer-reviewed paper, please go to the website of Commission3, if the subject is within the scope of the call.

A special thank to the director of the organising committee, well known FIG colleague Randolph Camilleri, who has put all his efforts to arrange for the meeting at an excellent venue in Malta and to provide an attractive programme for accompanying persons and a social programme for the Delegates. And thanks to Robin McLaren, Chair of WG 7.3 for strongly supporting for arranging for the Technical Sessions of Com7.

International FIG Workshop on "The Role of Land Professionals and SDI in Disaster Risk Reduction: In the Context of Post 2015 Nepal Earthquake

The second big FIG Commission 7 event during this autumn is the International FIG Workshop on "The Role of Land Professionals and SDI in Disaster Risk Reduction: In the Context of Post 2015 Nepal Earthquake” on 25-27 November 2015 in Kathmandu/Nepal jointly organised by FIG Commission 2, Commission 7, ISPRS Working Group IV/4 together with the Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (NICS) and the Nepal Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Society (NRSPS).

This Workshop addresses a highly relevant topic in the wider region and will be a pilot for the 2016 Working Week in New Zealand, which will focus on recovery from disaster. WG 7.2 is strongly engaged into this event. Thanks to our colleagues in Nepal for organising this event under challenging conditions at the early stage and for taking up this topic!

More information about registration, call for papers see 

Commission 7 at the FIG Working Week 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria 17-21 May 2015

Ms. Gerda Schennach, Chair of commission 7 making his report to the General Assembly
Commission 7 had its annual meeting during the FIG Working Week 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria, 17-21 May 2015.


FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and GeoConference 2014


The FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and GeoConference 2014 will take place 7-11 October, Qu?ec, Canada.
R?nion annuelle de la Commission 7 de la FIG et G?Congr? 2014

Links to a short you-tube clip:

FIG Commission 7 Newsletter - June 2014

FIG Commission 7 Annual meeting 2013, "Land Policies and Land Governance International Symposium and Workshop", Yaounde, Cameroon, 21 Oct. - 25 Oct. 2013

Commission 7 Annual meeting in Yaound? Cameroon

A series of events was held in the Djeuga Palace hotel in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon in October 2013:
 - Annual Meeting of FIG Commission 7 on Cadastre and Land       
 - General Assembly of the FGF ? the F??ation des G?m?res
 - Training Workshop in Land Administration
 - International Symposium on Land Policies and Land Governance 

LADM2013: 5th FIG International Land Administration Domain Model Workshop was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-25 September 2013

Click picture for bigger format
LADM audience focussed

Over 40 participants attended the workshop and a total of 25 peer reviewed papers were presented, covering a range of themes, including: the industry perspective on LADM; the linkage between LADM and information infrastructures; refined LADM modeling, 3D representations and formalizing LADM semantics; specific LADM country profiles; and implementation aspects.
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