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First High-Level Forum Meeting of Presidents of Land Professional Associations in Africa

20-24 November 2023 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Chair of FIG Africa Regional Network (ARN), Mohammed Mamman Kabir invites attendees and potential sponsors to the First High-Level Forum Meeting of Presidents of Land Professional Associations in Africa.

This meeting will take place 20-24 November 2023 at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Attendees will be presidents of FIG member associations, other associations as well as representatives from other organisations and entities.


Potential sponsors are invited to take part in this special meeting, which gives you the opportunity to present yourself and your company and gives you direct access to the African associations, their presidents and to become part of the development in Africa.

It has been decided that the participation  is complimentary hoping to get as many associations, institutions and organisations represented as possible. Organising such an event is however not without costs. We are therefore highly dependent on sponsorship contributions and we do hope that you will help us herewith.

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Invitation and background

FIG and the Chair of the FIG Africa Regional Network Mohammed Mamman Kabir are pleased to invite presidents and other relevant stakeholders engaged in geospatial information management in Africa to this First High-Level Forum Meeting (HLFM). The meeting is convened by International Federation of Surveyors- Africa Regional Network in collaboration with the Africa Land Policy Center. It shall hold as a pre-event of the Fifth Conference on Land Policy in Africa (CLPA) from 20-24 November 2023 at the Africa Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The HLFM is convened to address capacity development challenges facing Africa land professionals in their tasks of ensuring that land information in Africa is not only comprehensive, timely and integrated, but also demand driven and delivered in a form and manner that it can be used in making decisions while involving minimal cost and effort at all levels of African societies. This objective is in tandem with the mission of FIG-ARN and supports the Africa Union towards attainment of Africa Agenda 2063, the Africa We Want.

The meeting shall establish working groups and standing committees which will, among other tasks, produce blueprints that will usher-in new era of networking and coordination among Africa’s disparate land professional associations; promote development of common standards and interoperability in land information management; and make African land professionals more visible and positioned for better service delivery to their societies. These outcomes shall, in-turn, leverage towards emergence of the much-needed Africa Land Professionals Charter. The Charter shall provide one of the springboards for Africa to leapfrog to a data driven, spatially enabled, interconnected, peaceful and prosperous continent by the year 2063 The HLFM is expected to be attended by representatives of Africa Union Commission; the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa; Africa Development Bank; Africa Land Policy Center; the President of the International Federation of Surveyors; and the President of Federation of French Speaking Surveyors (FGF).

Other distinguished personalities expected at the meeting include country representative and presidents of land professional associations in Africa in the fields of Land Surveying, Land Economy, Estate Surveying, Building Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Town Planning, and Architecture inclusive of their respective young and women networks. The invitation is also open to Heads of Departments and Chief Executive Officers of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, International Organizations, academia, corporate and individual sponsors with interest in land matters. At the HLFM participants shall have the rare opportunity for high level interface with leaders of industry, and topmost policy making institutions on land matters in Africa during the meeting and at the fifth Conference on Land Policy in Africa, CLPA, which is jointly organised by the Africa Union Commission, Africa Development Bank, and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Participation in the CLPA is subject to prior registration in line with the conference organisers’ specifications You are, by this letter, honorably invited to i. register here (google form) and attend the First HLFM ii. go to the meeting web site: iii. click here for voluntary sponsorship or donations and view benefits iv. extend invitation to the presidents and stakeholders in the relevant professional associations listed in paragraph 3 above in your country/region attend the first HLFM. Kindly note that registration to attend the HLFM is free and it closes on Friday, 10 November, 2023 please.

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Louise Friis-Hansen
14 September 2023