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Join a Global Climate Community

May 2023

Join our session 'TS01E: Reimagining the Climate Action Agenda for the Global Surveyor Community Through FIG’s Climate Compass TF' on Monday 29 May 11:30–13:00 at Hamilton/Indian River, Hilton/Waldorf. Here, we will be seeking validation of our Task Force's Terms of Reference to ensure that what we are working towards represents the voice and vision of the FIG community, and setting the foundations of our communications and engagement strategy, which will bring to life the role of surveyors in climate. We want to hear from you if you would like to hear about the role of surveying in climate in relation to specific topics, application areas, or case studies!

The climate crisis represents the single greatest challenge humankind faces to ensure our planet remains sustainable and our people remain resilient.  This theme underpins the FIG Council’s vision of sustainability over the term 2023- 2026.  For the benefit of society, concerted action by FIG Members is needed to help meet a range of climate challenges such as greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, deforestation and large-scale land use change, desertification, urban sprawl into agricultural land, water scarcity, pollution of the seas and more. The expertise of FIG Members means they are well-positioned to make a major contribution to addressing a wide range of land and water related climate change issues. 

The FIG Climate Compass Task Force will elevate the work that has already been done and is continuing to be done by the FIG Commissions, Task Forces and other groups globally. It will act as a portal to provide a clear picture of the role that surveyors, as a global profession, play in measuring, managing and mitigating the present and future impacts of climate change.

At the Orlando Working Week 2023, there are a whole host of sessions that overtly cover climate, as we have outlined here. Alongside this, there are also many sessions which touch on climate in the detailed work of surveying. We know that evidence-based climate action is one of the biggest opportunities for our profession globally, and we look forward to uniting as a profession to create this positive impact. 

On behalf of the Task Force

Roshni Sharma



Louise Friis-Hansen
May 2023