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FIG General Assembly 2023 - Agenda

April 2023 - Announcement

FIG 46th General Assembly

The 46th FIG General Assembly will take place in Orlando, Florida, USA on:

Sunday 28 May at 9AM - 3:30PM/15:30 (EDT)
Thursday 1 June 2023 at 10AM - 1PM/13:00 (EDT)

The General Assembly will be held onsite for delegates and observers who will be attending the Working Week in Orlando.

A recording of the General Assembly will be available afterwards and all presentations will be uploaded soonest possible after each General Assembly day.


At the General Assembly you will be introduced to the FIG Council Work Plan 2023-2026 as well as the work plans of all commissions and networks.

Council is suggestion the introduction of three new Task Forces during this coming term and the continuation of one Task Force. Further to this FIG Council would like to establish two working groups under FIG Council.


There will be one item that requires voting; the decision of the host and destination for FIG Working Week 2027. FIG Council has decided that the voting this year will take place online and with the use of the same system that has been used both in 2021 and 2022, namely SimplyVoting. This means that all member associations (in good standing) can cast their vote.

One voting round is needed for the host and destination for the FIG Working Week 2027 as there are two candidates. The voting will start on Wednesday 31 May 2PM/14:00 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) and end on Thursday 1 June at 8:00AM. The voting time will follow the time of the destination (Orlando, Florida).

The result of the voting will be announced at the second General Assembly day and will be published on the web site soonest hereafter.

We ask for your active participation and that you

Read the agenda with its attachments carefully
Letter to all members
Read about the voting procedure
Register for and read more about the FIG Working Week 2023
Member Associations: All member associations are asked to appoint their official delegate the latest on 15 May 2023.
Please submit through this google form:

FIG Council is looking forward to seeing you at the General Assembly and at the FIG Working Week 2023 with its exciting programme.


Louise Friis-Hansen
April 2023