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Call for bids for FIG Working Week 2027

October 2022

Who will be our local organisers for the FIG Working Week 2027?

The FIG Working Weeks are the yearly main event for surveyors from all over the world.

The bid for this prestigious event for 2027 is now out.

At the FIG Working Week 2023 that will take place in Orlando, Florida, USA 28 May - 1 June 2023 FIG General Assembly will elect the destination for and host of this major FIG event.

Will it be your association?

FIG Council invites all member associations to consider submitting a bid to host thie prestigious FIG Working Week 2027 together with the Federation. The organisation of the Working Week is done jointly between FIG and the national member association(s).

The opportunity of being host makes it possible for a destination country and city as well as the national association(s) to:

  •  put specific focus on and attention to key areas relevant to surveyors that are important to the country/region
  • have powerful influence on themes and topics for the Working Week
  • bring the international surveying community to the country/city
  • bring relevant international key capacities to the country
  • invite national colleagues to engage with the international community
  • highlight national initiatives
  • leave a powerful legacy - at the destination and within FIG

and at the same time have a "once-in-a-lifetime experience"...

Instructions and explanations are presented in the Bid Manual. In case of questions and considerations do not hesitate to contact FIG Director Louise Friis-Hansen.

The deadline for the submission of bids is: 12 January 2023


Louise Friis-Hansen
13 October 2022