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FIG Office Workshop - collecting ideas and tasks

November 2021, Copenhagen, Denmark

FIG Office dedicated a full day for an internal workshop in the office. This workshop was announced already in June at the General Assembly as an outcome of the Task Force on FIG Governance.

During the process and different phases of the Task Force many comments and ideas were received from our active members.

The Task Force went through the following phases:


During each of these phases members have contributed with many comments and ideas.

 FIG Office went through all these emails and notes to collect and deduce ideas and tasks. The recommendations and findings of the final report was also gone through thoroughly.

Out of this a lot of comments and ideas were derived.

All ideas were listed and sorted by roses (things we already do), thorns (ideas that are not necessarily useful or benefitting FIG) and buds (good ideas). Especially the buds are interesting. Afterwards all were sorted in a matrix estimating their effort and value.

This resulted in a board filled with post-its - each representing a statement or idea.

Next step will be to evaluate especially the buds and determine whether they are easy or more complex to implement, the time frame and resources (both financial and labour), who may be involved etc.

Hopefully some of the ideas that require low effort but give high value, the so-called "quick wins" will be possible to implement soon.

You can read the full Task Force report and more about the steps of the process on the Task Force on FIG Governance site


Louise Friis-Hansen
6 January 2022