The European Group of Surveyors (EGoS) General Assembly and Seminar in Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece, 11-12 April 2011

The European Group of Surveyors (EGoS) held its General Assembly and one day seminar in Thessaloniki 11-12 April 2011. FIG was represented by Vice President Chryssy Potsiou who made a keynote presentation at the seminar. In her presentation she spoke about the work of FIG representing surveyors throughout the world on an International basis. Many of the EGoS member organizations are also members of FIG. She promoted especially the activities that FIG has started to attract young surveyors and professionals. She also welcomed future co-operation between FIG and EGoS.

The seminar was attended by 60 Greek professional surveyors and students who together with international guests attended the EGoS seminar on matters concerning surveyors in Europe. A large number of subjects were presented by speakers from the EU and Turkey providing information of training courses, technical matters and education and mutual recognition of professional qualifications for surveyors. The seminar was opened by President of EGoS Mr. Randolph Camilleri from Malta. The speakers included President of HARSE ( Hellenic Association of Rural Engineers) Greece. Mr Stefonos Xekalakis, Dr. Chryssy Potsiou, FIG, Geom. Bruno Razza CNGGL ( Consiglio Nazionale Geometrie Geomtri Laureati) Italy who spoke about e-cadastre and international surveying courses and services offered to surveyors.

The other speakers included Secretary General of EGoS Mr. Malcolm Lelliott. UK, Prof. Basil Psarianos, the National Technical University of Athens, Mr William Cowap who discussed the ISO quality management standards that are relevant to surveyors., Dr. Nikolas Kalamakis, Dr. Rahmi Nurhan Celik, Turkey and Mr. Vassilis Oikonomopoulos, Past president of ECCE (European Council of Civil Engineers).

Speakers at the EGoS seminar in Thessaloniki.
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Chryssy Potsiou and Randolph Camilleri, President of EGoS.

Vice President Chryssy Potsiou, FIG


17 April 2011