President CheeHai TEO visits his Alma Mater - RMIT University

10 October 2011 Melbourne, Australia

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L-R: Prof. Kefei Zhang, Dr. Sue-Lyn Choy, FIG President CheeHai Teo, Prof. William Cartwright, Assoc. Prof. Chris Bellman at the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Science, RMIT University

What was then the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Department of Surveying when President CheeHai TEO studied for his Bachelors degree in Applied Science (Surveying) is today the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences, RMIT University. However, the School is still located at the same spot as it was some 35 years ago! RMIT University is an Academic Member of FIG.

Prof. William Cartwright, who is the current Chair of the Joint Board of Geospatial Information Societies as well as the Immediate Past President of the International Cartographic Association, showed President CheeHai around the grounds of the campus and differences were immediately noted. Not only were there re-development, but many of the buildings and streetscape were more current and contemporary! President CheeHai Teo later met and interacted with Assoc. Prof Christopher Bellman who heads the Geospatial Sciences Discipline at the School, Prof. Kefei Zhang, Dr. Gang-Jun Liu, Dr. Rod Deakin, Dr. Sue-Lyn Choy as well as Prof. Cartwright.

The staff as well as graduate students at the school, particularly those that are from the Geospatial Sciences Discipline, are encouraged to explore opportunities to collaborate and further their activities within FIG as well as the international surveying community. It should be noted that Dr. David Mitchell is currently the national delegate to FIG Commission 7 as well as being a Member on the FIG Task Force on Surveyors and Climate Change.

CheeHai TEO
October 2011

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