FIG Working Week 2012 to Be Held in Partnership with FAO - FIG Delegation Visits Rome to Prepare the Working Week Programme

Rome, Italy, 8-9 April 2011

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Mika Törhönen, FAO, President CheeHai Teo, Chryssy Potsiou, Maria Scorza, Markku Villikka, President Fausto Savoldi, CNGGL, Bruno Razza and Enrico Rispoli at the roof of CNGGL Headquarters in Piazza Colonna.

FIG Working Week 2012 will be held at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel in Rome 6-11 May 2012. The conference is hosted jointly by FIG and the Consiglio Nazuionale Geometri e Geometri Laureati, CNGGL. The main themes of the conference will be "Knowing to: Manage the territory Protect the environment Evaluate the cultural heritage. These themes that will guide the three days of the technical conference were endorsed during the visit of the FIG delegation to Rome on April 8 and 9, 2011. The visit was at the same time the first official visit of President CheeHai Teo to a FIG member association. President Teo accompanied by Vice President Chryssy Potsiou and FIG Director met with President Fausto Savoldi, CNGGL and his board members.

The visit included discussions also with representatives of UN FAO and it was confirmed that FAO will be partnering FIG at the 2012 Working Week in Rome.

In discussions with CNGGL it was further confirmed that the first FIG Young Surveyors Conference will be held back-to-back with the Working Week, on 4-5 May 2011 in Rome. This new initiative in the Council is targeted at young surveying professionals to assist them to participate in FIG's international conferences at affordable costs. The conference is aimed at young professionals under 35 years including students. The programme will be planned jointly between FIG, its Young Surveyors Network and CNGGL.

The delegation visited also the conference venue Rome Cavalieri that offers excellent facilities for all meetings and a marvellous view over historical Rome. The programme of the Working Week will introduce among others a first class opening ceremony with a concert at the Auditorium Parco della Musica designed by Renzo Piano.

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President Fausto Savoldi. Mika Törhönen, President CheeHai Teo, Chryssy Potsiou and Maria Scorza in CNGGL.
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Organisers of FIG 2012 at the roof of Rome Cavalieri with view over Rome.

17 April 2011