FIG Newsletter April 2023 - Have you heard about or met the Surveyor Pirate of the Caribbean?? No...
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International Federation of Surveyors
Fédération Internationale des Géomètres
Internationale Vereinigung der Vermessungsingenieure

Dear Colleague,

Have you heard about or met the Surveyor Pirate of the Caribbean?? No...


1.  Read the April Article of the Month written by John Brock and learn more about the "good ol'e surveying days" in the Southern US and Caribbean - find the link in this newsletter...

2. Join us at the FIG Working Week in Orlando, Florida, and learn more about the current challenges in the Carribbean from a surveyors point of view in the SIDS sessions, or pehaps attend the history session competently chaired by Captain John Brock, author of "Surveyor Pirate of the Caribbean", hear the story about how Disney World was surveyed in the Opening Ceremony or get inspired by the plenary sessions. Read on in the newsletter...

3. Attend the FIG General Assembly 2023 - find the link to the agenda and introduction in this newsletter - and you might meet John Brock at the General Assembly informing about the IIHS&M - which is not another pirate - check the agenda to find out what this abbreviation means...

Eager to learn more about Southern US, Caribbean, Florida... Read on, and join us in Orlando!


FIG General Assembly 2023 - Agenda

The 46th FIG General Assembly will include the Work Plans of FIG Council and Commissions, four new task forces, and two member associations have submitted bids for the FIG Working Week 2027. Participate in the FIG General Assembly which takes place in Orlando, Florida, 28 May and 1 June. Member associations are asked to register their official delegate appointed to vote on behalf of the association.

  Read more about the General Assembly
  Go directly to the agenda

FIG at UNECE Working Party on Land Administration

FIG was well represented at the Thirteenth Session of the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration, 4 and 5 April 2023, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
Read more


The United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence is opened!

The official opening of UN-GGCE took place on 29 March 2023. Chair of FIG Commission 5, Ryan Keenan has been invited as an inaugural member of the International Advisory Committee
Read more


FIG and the local organisers from NSPS are looking forward to welcoming you to the FIG Working Week 2023. FIG, NSPS and local representatives from Florida are now working on bringing together an exciting programme for you.

Opening Ceremony

We are excited to announce our main keynote speakers at the Opening Ceremony. Our national host NSPS together with the local hosts from Florida and FIG are looking forward to welcoming you in Orlando. The opening ceremony will provide a spectacular introduction to the FIG Working Week, its theme, and its unique location – a festive start of the week.


Diane Dumashie,
FIG President

Serving Society, Benefitting
People and the Planet:

Beverly Hart Jones,

The Boundary Survey for a secret land acquisition that became Walt Disney World

  Read more

Plenary Sessions

The three plenary sessions will be the highlight of the technical programme of the FIG Working Week Monday 29 - Wednesday 31 May 2023. These highlevel presentations and panel discussions will cover topics within the overall theme “Protecting our World, Conquering New Frontiers”.

Meet our keynote speakers


Clarissa Augustinus,

Victoria Stanley,
World Bank

Brent Jones,


Russell Romanella,

Bryn Fosburgh,

Mickey Ng,
Young Surveyors


Juliana Blackwell,


 Small Island
Developing States

Dustin Parkman,
Bentley Systems

Andrew  Hurley,
Leica Geosystems

  Read more about the plenary sessions
The draft technical programme is available on the web site. Authors will be informed soon about their paper.

Become a sponsor or exhibitor

This FIG Working Week 2023 will be held in the Americas for the first time in over 20 years. This will be your chance to showcase your company or organisation to both a large American and also to a truly international audience.

Read more about your possibilities as

Register now

Many exciting experiences are awaiting you during the Working Week and at the destination:

  Several pre-event options
  Three conference days on 29-31 May with a packed techincal programme
  Networking opportunities
  Special plenary sessions setting the scene of each day
  Spectacular Working Week Dinner
Do you play golf? Or what about joining the Cornhole game

Read more about the Working Week and what to expect, and register at

Follow the Working Week preparations on FIG Social media:



The Article of the Month in April 2023 is a paper written by John Brock, Australia: The Surveyor Pirate of the Caribbean In this article John takes you to the early days of the settlements in the USA together with land surveyor and architecht Barthelemy Lafon. The paper presents an excellent sample of surveys and edifices attributed to Lafon, along with tales of some of his raids of piracy. Fascinating... Learn and explore more about the host country of the FIG Working Week 2023
Read the article




Current open grants:

Please check the requirements carefully before applying for a grant.

The History of Surveying - Secure your special edition set

A must-see collection item. Reserve your copy of this special edition now.
Read more


Check the events page

10-13 May 2023, Oradea, Romania
”Modern Surveying Technologies for 3rd Millennium” is the theme for the fourth edition of the Romanian Surveying Week, a joint event with CLGE General Assembly, 12-13 May, 2023. The international symposium is organized by the Romanian Surveyors Union in collaboration with The Romanian Association of Private Surveyors and Faculty of Constructions, Cadastre and Architecture, from University of Oradea.”
Web site:

28 May - 1 June, Orlando, Florida USA

FIG Working Week 2023
Web site:

27-28 June 2023, Beijing, China
2023 Geospatial Information Software Technology Conference (GIS TECH 2023) hosted by Geographic Information System Technology Innovation Center of Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China, supported by FIG Website:

5-7 July 2023, TU Delft, Netherlands
CAAD Futures 2023 - INTERCONNECTIONS: Co-computing beyond boundaries
Abstract submission - deadline 17 June 2022
Web site:

Kind regards,
Ms. Louise Friis-Hansen

International Federation of Surveyors
Fédération Internationale des Géomčtres
Internationale Vereiningung der Vermessungsingenieure
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FIG Working Week 2023,
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FIG Working Week 2024,
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FIG Working Week 2025, Brisbane, Australia
FIG Congress 2026, Cape Town, South Africa
FIG Working Week 2028, Paris, France - CELEBRATING FIG 150 ANNIVERSARY

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