FIG Commission 4

Working Group 4.1 - Standards and Guidelines for Hydrography


A key deliverable of Commission 4 is to help provide ongoing oversight of, and input to, hydrographic standards and guidelines, in particular those standards and guidelines sponsored by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO). Having an enduring mechanism embedded within Commission 4 which can effectively provide such input and solicit stakeholder feedback to IHO-sponsored reviews of particular hydrographic standards and guidelines, remains an important Commission 4 consideration and output.  

Recognising the priority hydrographic standards and guidelines deserved as part of wider Commission 4 activities, a dedicated Working Group (WG) exists within Commission 4. The primary focus of WG 4.1 is to contribute to the maintenance and development of hydrographic standards and guidelines.

The objectives of WG 4.1 are to:   Working Group 4.1 Chair
  • Assist in the development and recognition of standards of competency for hydrographic surveyors;
  • Assist in the development of technical standards and guidelines;
  • Assist with the review of standards and guidelines.
  • Promote the need for and benefits of, professional hydrographic surveyor certification.

Simon Ironside
New Zealand

Terms of Reference



Simon Ironside (New Zealand)
Associate, Eliot Sinclair
e-mail: simon.ironside[at]


Michael Beard (Australia) 
e-mail: michaeljbeard[at]

Mathieu Bestille (Australia)
Operation Manager, Precision Hydrographic Services

Work Plan


Recent News

WG 4.1 Activity Report

FIG Working Week – Sofia, Bulgaria – May 2015 – Hydrography Report and WG 4.1

IHO Circular Letter 68/2016 – Establishment of the IHO Project Team on Standards For Hydrographic Surveys (HSPT)

IHO Circular Letter 26/2017 – Composition of the IHO Project Team on Standards for Hydrographic Surveys (HS PT)

Input to Hydrographic Standards and Guidelines

Organisations, commercial businesses or tertiary institutions aligned with the hydrographic industry, or individuals working within any of the established hydrographic surveying disciplines, who wish to provide feedback on hydrographic standards and guidelines, specifically those detailed in the current WG 4.1 Work Plan, are encouraged to email the WG 4.1 Chair (or any member of WG 4.1) with constructive suggestions for improvement, using the link below.  

The aim of any input or feedback is to assist the WG to help maintain the contemporary nature of current and future hydrographic standards and guidelines.