FIG Commission 5

Report from Working Group 5.1 meeting and the 35th International Surveying Information Days

Brno, 1-3 November, 1998


WG-5.1 meeting

Working Group 5.1 had its first meeting 1 November. We are thankful to the company Geodezie Brno for their very kind hospitality and generous provision of facilities for the meeting. Mr. Milan Klimeš, representative from the company and co-organiser of MGID98, honoured the meeting with his presence. We are also thankful to Mr Šedy, director of Geodezie Brno, for the support as well as for a nice evening at a wine cellar. Also present at the meeting was Karel Svoboda (co-organiser of MGID98).

The discussions during the meeting concerned:

  • The working plan and mission of the working group and its ad-hoc groups were discussed as well as the necessity to nominate leaders and organise to the ad-hoc groups. Vaclav Slaboch and Hansbert Heister will now continue to contact these people.
  • WG-5.1shall not make standards because this is the work of ISO. The WG shall through guidelines, help ISO to produce standards as well as translate these into a language comprehensible for the field surveyor.
  • The Working Group shall have regularly discussions with the manufacturers to improve their hard- and software of different types of instruments.
  • The working group shall help national bodies to influence and distribute guidelines as well as inform universities and technical high schools.


The 35th International Surveying Information Days took place in Brno the 2nd to 3rd November. The number of participants where about 150 coming from several countries as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, England and The Netherlands.

Mikael Lilje, Jean-Marie Becker, Vaclav Slaboch, Hansbert Heister and Jiri Lechner

The conference was in two languages; Czech language and English. The afternoon of the first day had an English session especially for FIG Commission 5 concerning the activities of C5 and especially WG-5.1. The session was chaired by Vaclav Slaboch and included presentations by Jean-Marie Becker, Vaclav Slaboch, Hansbert Heister, Mikael Lilje and Jirí Lechner. The session was a very good one with many discussions after each paper.