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27 October 1999
Seminars and Tours

About Land Victoria:

Land Victoria is the government organisation responsible for land in our state. Our mission is to help Victorians maximise value from land. Our functions are:

  • Providing geospatial (land related) information
  • Recording and maintaining information about the location, definition and boundaries of land
  • Providing Victoria's survey and mapping framework
  • Registering, recording and supplying details of interests in public and private land and supplying valuation information
  • Overseeing integrated and co-ordinated management of Crown Land
  • Ensuring balance development and protection of natural and cultural assets

Since its formation in 1996, Land Victoria has introduced improvements to land management and also developed more comprehensive and effective methods of collecting, analysing and providing land information services.

Land Victoria is a program within the Department of Natural Resources and Environment that also formed in 1996 and is charged with managing Victoria’s public lands, natural resources and assisting primary industries maximise sustainable production of value added products and services for Australian and international markets.

Seminar and Tour Details:

Seminars and associated tours will run for half a day. There will be both morning and afternoon events and delegates will be asked to nominate preferences for events as numbers on each event will be limited. There will be a number of speakers from Land Victoria talking on their particular area of expertise and some tours will include speakers from service providers with a connection to Land Victoria.

Seminar and Tour 1. Land Management

The Crown Land Management (CLM) Business Unit manages Government Land within Victoria. They manage land purchases, compulsory acquisition, disposal, rental and exchange of land and property. All policies, strategies, guidelines and plans associated with all use of government land are developed by CLM and it maintains the Crown Land tenure database, covering 70,000 allotments (totaling 8 million hectares). The tour involves visiting various sites around the metropolitan area that show various uses of government owned land where Land Victoria is the landlord. Sites that will be visited include the Zoological Gardens, City Link (a newly developed private sector funded toll road system), Docklands (a rejuvenation of old port facilities to sporting, residential and community uses).

Seminar and Tour 2. Automated Land Titles

This will demonstrate the automated Land Titles system and compare it with the old paper title and deeds system. Participants will be shown through the older records storage system illustrating the older paper based system and viewing the newly developed automated system. This will include a demonstration of on line access to titles searching. It will show the connection between the Valuer-General’s sales data base and ownership information for Land Titles purposes. The tour will review the historic Land Titles Office building and original purpose title document storage facilities and contrast this with the new computer based automated Land Titles system.

Seminar and Tour 3. Geospatial Infrastructure

This tour will demonstrate the role of the Geospatial Information Group that co-ordinates the development of policies to increase the use of Geospatial Information (GI) through the integration of core data sets, making GI more affordable and accessible. It works with other Government agencies to implement a statewide strategy covering the introduction of GI systems both inside and outside the public sector. In addition, it also manages the development, maintenance and distribution of Vicmap Digital, Victoria’s principal digital mapping information, which includes the state’s, land and property details, the road network and its topographic features. It will include on line demonstrations of mapping and geodetic products and services.

Seminar and Tour 4. Changes to the way Government delivers its services – Corporatisation/Privatisation/Outsourcing

The way Government does business had changed markedly in Victoria. The options for delivering services has widened with the use of corporatisation, privatisation and outsourcing as ways to make changes. Examples will be given of how different Government Departments have changed their way of doing business. This will include the development of purchaser functions that are separate from the provider of services. Changes to service delivery has moved a lot of previously government undertaken activity to the private sector. Case studies will be given of some changes including within the valuation and survey and mapping areas.

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