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The Conference 

The aim of the Conference is to explore humankind-land relationships into the next millenium in the context of AGENDA 21 and the emerging global village. It will determine a broad vision and a set of guidelines for legal, technical and institutional cadastral infrastructures and systems to support land management and in particular land administration to ensure sustainable development.

The Conference will be held from 24th to 27th October at the Melbourne Convention Centre, in the City of Melbourne, State of Victoria, Australia.

The Conference will follow on from the International Workshop on Land Tenure and Cadastral Infrastructures for Sustainable Development to be held in Bathurst, New South Wales from the 17th to 23rd October, 1999. The Workshop will be attended by an invited group of 30 international authorities representing 20 countries. The Workshop's task is to prepare the Bathurst Declaration on land administration and propose the reforms necessary to meet the challenges of the dynamic humankind-land relationship into the next millenium.

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