FIG Young Surveyors Network

Term 2007-2010

Work Plan  Chair

"We are on the way to create a global network, and we are sure that there are many young surveyors thorughout the world who want to take part in this network.

In the Western World the average age of a surveyor is quite high, e. g. USA 57 years. It is about the same in large parts of Europe. This is a great problem as there are not enough new surveyors to fill up the gap that will come out of the upcoming retirements. Can something be done about this, and what can be done? Is this a global problem or specific fore some parts of the world? My impression so far is that young surveyors are keen to get involved but the older generation doubt this, could it just be miscommunication? But we wonder how many of the doubters have ever tried to get a young surveyor involved on a national level? We believe that this is a key element to keep young people involved within the national organizations.

Starting this network one of our key topics has been networking and getting to know more people in order to extend our personal network as well as the network of people who want to get involved. And looking on where we have gotten so far, this is a pretty strong motivation of the people that are involved. The world is shrinking with new communication tools made available, and we feel connected to the people in our group despite the distances both spatially and culturally. Skype, chats, various social media groups on the internet and of course emails have made it possible for all of us to keep a daily contact. We hope to share some of these experiences when it comes to communication. There is so much that can be done with so little."

Cecilia Lindén
Chair of the YS Network
June 2010

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Chair term 2007-2011 Cecilia Lindén (left) and chair term 2011-2014 Kate Fairlie in Sydney

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The Very young surveyors