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Task Force on the Future Governance of FIG

Dr. Tom Kennie

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The Task Force was established by the Bureau in 1998 to 

  • Review the governance and management structures of international NGOs in order to set a context for potential changes to the governance of the FIG post 2007.
  • Consider how to create a governance and management structure and framework for decision making which ensures an effective balance exists between the stakeholder interests of;
    • Member Associations
    • Commissions,
    • Possible regional groupings of member associations, and
    • Others who may have an involvement in the work of FIG
  • Consider how to ensure the process of selecting those responsible for the governance and management of the Federation is transparent and open.
  • Consider the nature of the relationship between the governing body and the operational management of the Federation.

Task Force members


The Task Force presented its final report for the FIG General Assembly in Prague, May 2000. The report and the recommendations were adopted by the General Assembly. The Task Force will continue its work by making a proposal for the amendments on the statutes and internal rules. These will be discussed at the Bureau in December 2000. They are then posted on the FIG web site by the end of the year 2000 for discussion. The amendments to the statutes and internal rules will be decided by the General Assembly in Seoul in May 2001.


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