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New book: Why INEGI

July 2021

The Saga of a Mexican Institution in Search of the Truth

Written by Mario Palma, former Vice President of the governing board of INEGI.

FIG Office has received this book from our Mexican member INEGI. This remarkable work tells the story of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), from the perspective of the role performed by information agencies in our societies and why professional indepencence is fundamental to fulfil their mission.

Beyond a chronology of events, this book raises two needs that have marked the Institute's evolution: the first, to properly measure the many components of reality, whether social, economic or natural; and the second, decisive for the public's trust and whose absence would invalidate the purposes of the previous need, to preserve the information form any consideration, other than strictly professional, in all stages of its production and dissemination.


This work conveys INEGI's transcendence as an indispensable instutuion for the country to respond to the fundamental question, common to all human beings. to know and understand the reality of their environment.

You can download the book



Louise Friis-Hansen
20 July 2021