FIG Foundation - Building a Sustainable Future

How can I contribute?

Companies, associations, institutions, events, surveyors’ groups and individuals may contribute to the Foundation by:

  • Donations which will be recognised by a plaque or a certificate of different categories reflecting the sum of donation as follows:.
    • platinum plaque US$ 25,000
    • gold plaque US$ 10,000
    • silver plaque US$ 5,000
    • bronze plaque US$ 1,000
  • All contributors will also be recognised in the FIG Annual Review.
  • Donations to support specific projects or by offering scholarships. Donors and Benefactors may use the FIG Foundation logo to promote their project donations or scholarships.
  • Voluntary donation when registering to FIG events.
  • Attending social functions such as the FIG Foundation Dinners held during every FIG Congress,  Working Week and other events.

Bank information

Donations to the FIG Foundation can be made to the Foundation's bank account in Denmark. For account details please contact the FIG office, email: