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The 7th FIG Regional Conference will be held in Hanoi Vietnam, 19-22 October 2009. The Conference will be hosted by the International Federation of Surveyors, FIG and the Viet Nam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, VGCR. The theme of the 7th FIG Regional Conference is "Spatial Data Serving People: Land Governance and the Environment - Building the Capacity".

7th FIG Regional Conference includes a two-day Regional Consultation Meeting on the FAO Voluntary Guidelines for responsible governance of tenure of land and other natural resources to be jointly organized with FAO Land Tenure and Management Unit (NRLA) (see programme).

Please notice that on Sunday 18 October there will be a pre-conference workshop organised by ESRI.

Welcome message from the President of VGCR

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Viet Nam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (VGCR), I am pleased to announce that FIG's board of leadership has kindly granted Ha Noi the honour of being the venue for the 7th FIG Regional Conference, 19-22, October, 2009. This is the very first time Viet Nam was chosen to host an international conference for FIG and we are wholeheartedly commited to making the event a success and ensuring each delegate's utmost satisfaction during the time of the conference.

Viet Nam has been carrying out its Renovation Process 'Doi Moi' and also industrialization - modernization cause on the basis of developing the market economy since 1986. Within the space of 10 years, between 1990 and 2000, Vietnamese surveyors worked to the utmost of its ability towards technological modernisation: a complete transform from analog to digital generation in surveying and mapping technology. Ever since, Viet Nam has developed its own National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) based on digital topographic data base at the scale 1/50,000 and cadastral data base covering the whole country, including the National PermanentGPS network andSPOT5 receiving station.

The NSDI of Viet Nam has been effectively serving the control of natural resources exploitation, the environment protection and the forecast of natural disasters and consequences of climate changes. Moreover, the NSDI of Viet Nam plays a vital role in bridging the information gap between the Government and its citizen, pushing for administrative reform and protecting people's rights and benefits towards lands. Hence, the theme of this conference has been carefully selected to reflect the topic of Spatial Data Serving People: Land Governance and the Environment - Building the Capacity. We believe that this theme is especially relevant to the tasks of surveyors in this day and age when humankind is closer to each other than ever, working together towards a sustainable development and ensuring our Earth is everlasting green.

It is VGCR's pleasure to welcome surveyors from all over the world to the 7th FIG Regional Conference in Ha Noi. We promise to organise a day trip to Ha Long Bay, a famous natural heritage site and geological reserve in Vietnam.

We look forward to meeting you in Ha Noi next year.

Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Hung Vo
President of VCGR

Welcome message from the President of FIG

Dear Friends,

The FIG Regional Conferences is held every second year and are rotating between regions throughout the world. They have shown to be a successful concept that produces fruitful results both for the region and internationally.

The topics of the conference are selected to address the issues at the top of the regional and local agenda, and at the same time giving a platform for international discussions. The key topics are likely to be in the areas of land administration and environmental management. The conference thereby provides an excellent opportunity for FIG member associations and surveyors all over the world to meet and share experiences and achievements.

Our hosting association the Viet Nam Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (VGCR) was founded in 1989 and has been an active member of FIG since 1994.

Viet Nam today is a peaceful country, perfectly safe both for locals as well as for foreign visitors, attracting many investors from all over the world. I have visited Viet Nam a number of times. Here, you will find a long standing traditional culture, invaluable historical and cultural heritages, breathtaking natural scenery and hospitable local residents.

Interestingly, the 7 Regional Conference coincides in time with Hanoi's 1000 anniversary. As highlight of the conference VGCR will organise a one-day trip for all participants to Ha Long Bay, a famous world heritage site for its outstanding geological value listed by UNESCO.

The FIG Council and I are confident that the choice of Hanoi for the venue of the 7 FIG Regional Conference will prove to be fruitful and that this event will be a great success. I encourage the FIG member associations and individual surveyors to prepare themselves for this event and to collaborate with VGCR to make this Conference a successful and a memorable event.

I warmly welcome you to the 7th FIG Regional Conference in Hanoi.

Prof. Stig Enemark
President of FIG

The call for papers will be published soon. Abstracts can be submitted online at: Deadline for submitting abstracts has passed but late coming proposals are still accepted.



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