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  • Welcome to Abuja, Nigeria

  • Venue

  • Registration

  • NIS Dinner - Sunday 5 May 2013

  • Foundation Dinner / Nigerian Evening - Tuesday 7 May 2013

  • Reception - Wednesday 8 May 2013

  • Gala Dinner - Thursday 9 May 2013

  • Refreshments

  • Abuja and Surroundings

General Assembly I - Monday 6 May 2013

General Assembly was held at the Conference Hall at the Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja and was well attended.

President CheeHai Teo welcomes FIG members to Abuja and the 36th General Assembly.

Honorary President, Stig Enemark (right), Commission chairs/Chair elects: Leonie Newnham, Liza Groenendijk, Angela Kesiena Etuonovbe, Ivo Milev, Wafula Nabutola and Robert Sinkner.

FIG members listening to the FIG fanfare at the General Assembly.

Council members led by President CheeHai Teo at the General Assembly.

Wafula Nabutola, Chair of commission 8

John Hohol, President of FIG Foundation

President CheeHai Teo presents the Membership Certificate for the new member association from Gabon to Marc Vanderschueren

  Council members:

ChryssyPotsiou and Pengfei Cheng

Arvo Kokkonen, Finland, explains the many roles Markku Villikka has had in FIG during the last 25 years which is the reason for appointing him Honorary Member of FIG.

Liza Groenendijk, Chair elect of Commission 2 making her report to the General Assembly.

Yerach Doytsher, Chair of Commission 3 making his report to the General Assembly.

Angela Kesiena Etuonovbe, Chair elect of Commission 4 making her report to the General Assembly.

Ivo Milev, Chair Elect of commission 6 making his report to the General Assembly.

Paul van der Molen, Representative from commission 7 making his report to the General Assembly.

Wafula Nabutola, Chair of Commission 8 making his report to the General Assembly.

More than 350 participants attended the first session of the General Assembly.

Robert Sinkner,
Chair of Commission 10 making his report to the General Assembly.


Diane Dumashie, Chair of FIG Task Force on Africa making her report to the General Assembly.

FIG Vice Presidents  Pengfei Cheng (right), Chryssy Potsiou and FIG President CheeHai Teo following Diane Dumashie's report.

Eva-Maria Unger, Vice Chair of Young Surveyors Network making her report to the General Assembly

John Hannah, making his report on the work of the Task Force on Surveyors and the Climate Change.

Welcome Reception

Olumide Adewebi, Secretary General of NIS welcoming all the participants.

All participants as well as accompanying persons were invited to attend the official Welcome Reception by the Pool at Nicon Luxury Hotel

Robin McLaren (left), Stig Enemark and Tommy Österberg getting refreshments.


Brent Jones, ESRI well assisted by NIS helpers


Milan Talich and Vladimira Zufanova listening to the saxophone.

In Nigeria dancing is obligatory part of a party

Opening Ceremony

Stephen Olubode Adeaga, President NIS (left), Minister of Works, Arc. Mike Onolememen representing the Nigerian President Goodwill Jonathan, who had sent his apologies,  CheeHai Teo, President FIG, Rudolf Staiger, Vice President FIG, Chryssy Potsiou, Vice President FIG and Pengfei Cheng, Vice President FIG

Participants listening to the Nigerian Anthem and the FIG fanfare at the Opening Ceremony.

Stephen Olubode Adeaga,
President NIS, making his welcome address.

CheeHai Teo,
President FIG, welcoming the record audience to Abuja and FIG Working Week.

The Opening Ceremony was held at the impressive Africa Hall at the International Conference Centre.

Opening speech by the Minister of Works, Arc. Mike Onolememen on behalf of Nigerian President Goodwill Jonathan who sent his apologies.

Plenary Sessions

Dr. Hubert Ouedraogo

Mr. Remy Sietchiping

Surv. (Prof.) Peter C. Nwilo, Surveyor General

Mr. Peter O. Large, Vice President, Trimble Navigation Ltd

Mr. Frank F. K. Byamugisha, World Bank

Prof. Jide Kufoniyi


The exhibition included 34 exhibitors. The exhibition was located at the International Conference Centre and in the Nicon Luxury Hotel.

Trimble was one of the two international platinum sponsored occupying the central area at exhibition - there was a continuous flow of visitors to the stand.

The other international platinum sponsor of the Working Week was Esri.

Exhibititor: Datumate

Leica/intergraph was one of two gold sponsors of the Working Week.

The other Gold sponsor was Sivan Design.


Meeting at Esri booth that offered good facilities for smaller business meetings.





Technical Sessions, Special Forums and Events

Technical sessions

The technical sessions were well attended.

... and there were lively discussions in the sessions.

The technical programme of the Working Week offered a variety of presentation within the different fields of surveyors. More than 260 presentations which were presented in over 50 different technical sessions, workshops and special forums.
Joint UN-Habitat GLTN/FIG Surveyor Generals Roundtable/Director Generals Forum

The joint session brought together chief executives or director generals (or their representatives/nominees) of national mapping, cadastral and land administration organizations from around the world to discuss among peers approaches to safeguard, secure, support and sustain land rights for all.

Jean du Plessis and Solomon Haile

Solomon Haile and Christiaan Lemmen

Participants of the Joint UN-Habitat GLTN/FIG Surveyor Generals Roundtable/Director Generals Forum.
Joint UN-Habitat GLTN/FIG Africa LPI Capacity Development Special Event

The session was a presentation of the proposed Africa LPI Capacity Development initiative

presented by Dr. Solomon Abebe Haile, Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), UN-Habitat

World Bank/FIG Special Sessions on Land Administration and Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa

The session was a panel discussion open for all participants interested in improving land governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The session included short interventions from World Bank and FIG, followed by case studies from Rwanda and Ethiopia. The theme for the open discussion focused on building a fit-for-purpose spatial framework in support of sustainable and transparent land governance.

Member Association’s Presidents/Head of Delegation Forum
The forum brought together Presidents (or their representatives) or Heads of Delegation of Member Associations and provided them the opportunity to meet, network and discuss with one another trends and issues that’s of importance to their membership and organizations around the world.

The meeting was chaired by Stephen Olubode Adeaga, President of NIS. Marc Vanderschueren was a great help translating between English and French.


Administrative Meetings

Preparation meetings

ACCO meeting

ACCO meeting on the day before that Working Week starts.

ACCO Chair Rudolf Staiger chairing the meeting.


Brian Coutts, Leonie Newnham, Liza Groenendijk, Yerach Doytsher, Gordon Johnston, Angela Kesiena Etuonovbe, Volker Schwieger, Ivo Milev, Paul van der Molen, Wafula Nabutola, Kwame Tenadu and Robert Sinkner.


Members of FIG Council 2013-2014 at the FIG Working Week 2013 in Abuja. Vice President Bruno Razza was unfortunately not present in Abuja.

 Vice President Rudolf Staiger, Vice President Chryssy Potsiou, President CheeHai Teo, Vice President Cheng Pengfei  and ACCO represenative Yerach Doytsher.
Presidents Meeting

The Presidents Meeting was well attended Presidents and head of delegations of FIG member associations.

All member associations described their present challenges.

General Assembly II - Friday 10 May 2013

CheeHai Teo, President of FIG

FIG President CheeHai Teo presents to Ecole Nationale du Cadastre et des Sciences Geographique, ENCSG, Gabon their member certificate.

A very big thanks to all involved from NIS for hosting the Working Week 2013 in Abuja.

A special thanks to the steering group: Bode Adeaga, President of NIS, Congress Director Barde Jatau, Secretary General of NIS Olumide Adewebi, Admin. Secretary of NIS and Conference Coordinator of FIG 2013 Olatunde O. Adejanyu, as well as other members of the organising committee and officials.

Stephen Olubode Adeaga, President of NIS handing over the FIG Flag to Mohammad Azmi Mohd Zin, President of Association of Authorised Land Surveyors Malaysia, PEJUTA

Delegation from PEJUTA, Malaysia look forward welcoming you to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June 2014.

Farewell Reception

The Farewell reception, hosted by the Malaysian association PEJUTA, was also a welcome to Kuala Lumpur. The colours were therefore held in the Malaysian red and yellow.

Arvo Kokkonen and Heli Ursin, Finland

Stig Enemark and Tony Burns

President Stephen Olubode Adeaga, NIS in more relaxed atmosphere when the conference is approaching its end.

The hosts of the Farewell Reception - Delegation from PEJUTA.

Volker Schwieger and Ivo Milev.

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