The submission of abstract has closed



The Call for Papers is announced both for peer review papers and non-peer review papers. We invite you to submit an abstract for the FIG Congress 2014 by 15 November. For peer review papers the deadline is 20 Ocboter 2014.

Before you begin to submit your abstract you will need to have the following items ready:

  • Your 250-500 words abstract describing the objectives, results, conclusions and significance of your work. Please feel free to submit an abstract on any topic related to the specific topics of FIG 2015.

  • The names and email addresses of all contributing authors.

  • The full title of the paper as you would like it to appear in the programme book

  • Your choice of maximum three (3) commissions/task forces etc. which best corresponds to the subject of your paper.

  • Keywords for your paper.

  • Whether you want to submit your paper as as peer review paper or non-peer review paper

  • Whether you want to submit your abstract for “regular” or “short” oral presentation. A regular presentation is a 10-15 minutes presentation whereas a short means a 5 minute presentation of your topic.

  • Choice of author(s) as the presenter(s) at the congress.

Submitting your abstract

  • Begin by filling in the abstract submission form. You can find the form here. Ensuring that you fill in all mandatory fields. Please note that  submission of an abstract is NOT equivalent to registering for the congress.

  • Please note that when you submit your abstract the number of abstracts is limited to a maximum of one per author. Further, an author can only once be a co-author in another abstract. It means an author can only be involved in two abstracts, once as first author and once as co-author.

  • An email from fig@fig.net will serve as confirmation of a successful abstract submission. Your contribution ID will be contained in the confirmation email.

  • Please note that abstracts must be submitted by 15 November 2014. If you submit a peer review paper the deadline is 20 October 2014.

  • The outcome of the selection process will be communicated to you via email by 20 January 2014.



When preparing the paper, please follow this template:

Full papers shall be submitted to FIG in electronic format to: fig@fig.net.

If you have problems with email the paper can be submitted (in electronic format) by mailing it to:

International Federation of Surveyors
Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Tel + 45 3886 1081
Fax + 45 3886 0252

Please include at the end of your paper all your contact details, including name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.

When submitting a paper the author(s) agree that FIG has the right to publish the paper in the conference proceedings (at the conference and on the FIG web site); in the FIG Surveyors Reference Library; and in the FIG online journal (if selected for this purpose) without any other agreement or compensation. The copyright of the paper remains by the author(s).

Receipt of your paper will be acknowledged electronically according to the time schedules.