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The app lets you browse and search the conference programme. Once signed in, you can put together your own personalised programme, share your experiences via social media channels and connect with fellow participants. Enjoy!

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To sign in, please enter your username (your existing username, if you already have a FIG account, or the email address you used when you registered for the conference), and your personal password.

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What if I did not register to the conference with a personal email address and accordingly do not have a password?

When signing in, you can use as a username any email address that you can access during the conference. Then click the "No password or forgot it" link below the Sign In button to have a password sent to the specified email address. By using this information you can access most of the web app's features but cannot modify the user profile and will stay anonymous to other users of the app.

The app can also be used without signing in but with limited features.

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