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Short Instructions

  • On the first launch, you should be prompted to install the FIG Conference Web App as a web app. Once installed, much of the content of the application is available also offline. When installed as a web app, the address bar and browser navigation buttons are no longer available for the app, so use instead the Back arrow button on the Status bar (at the bottom of the app), or the device Back button (e.g. on Android devices) to navigate back in the history. You can toggle between the app and browser states by using the browser menu commands (in Chrome, when in app mode, the browser menu can be accessed by using the "three dot" menu on the title bar, or on a mobile device, by tapping and holding the app menu icon).
  • You can access different parts of the app by using the menu on the top right corner. When signed in, the main sections can also be accessed by using the dashboard on the home screen.
  • When you sign in, you can build your personal programme by clicking/tapping the star icons related to sessions, speakers and participants; when unsigned, you can use general features of the application.
  • When signed in, you can edit your profile by adding a photo or avatar, and enter your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn addresses so that other users can visit your social media pages.
  • By using the settings of the profile, you can also decide whether other users can contact you via email or by using the mobile phone number.
  • You can share sessions and speakers' presentations via social media – for most presentations the abstract, and for many also the full paper is available within the app as a pdf file.
  • When signed in, you can add notes on sessions, speakers and participants, and collect all notes on one page e.g. for printing.
  • From the My Conference section, you can tap the Add Calendar icon on the status bar to send your personalised conference programme to your email address and incorporate it in the calendar software of your choice.
  • When signed in, you can rate papers and sessions. Best rated papers and sessions are listed on the Trophy page under the "What's On" section.
  • When signed in, you can also take and send photos to be shared by other signed-in users of the app. To access the photo gallery and camera user interface, tap the Image icon under the "Social Media" section of the app. Note that when sending photos, it takes a while until images appear in the photo gallery since the photos are transferred manually in batches in the gallery rather than showed immediately.
  • Conference stats: to see graphs on number of presentations and participants per continent, and Top 20 countries of each, tap the Graph icon in the Social Media section of the app.
  • In many sections you can use the Magnifier tool to filter currently shown information. When using the app in browser mode, you can also search within any page by using the browser's search command.

Signing in

To sign in, please enter your username (your existing username, if you already have a FIG account, or the email address you used when you registered to the conference), and your personal password.

You should have received an email with your username and personal password.

If you have lost your password, enter your registration email address in the Username field and click a link that is shown below the Sign In button to have the password sent to your inbox.

Please note that in order to use the FIG Conference Web App smoothly, your browser should allow saving of cookies.

What if I did not register to the conference with a personal email address and accordingly do not have a password?

When signing in, you can use as a username any email address that you can access during the conference. Then click the "No password or forgot it" link below the Sign In button to have a password sent to the specified email address. By using this information you can access most of the web app's features but cannot modify the user profile and will stay anonymous to other users of the app.

The app can also be used without signing in but with limited features.