FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Study on the Improvement of the Cadastral Surveying Organization

by ByoungChan Ryu

Key words


Since the cadastral division was set up in the Ministry of Home Affairs in the Korean Empire in 1895 for the purpose of forming modernized cadastral system, all of cadastral surveying were dealt by the government. In 1938, Korea Cadastral Association (KCA) was established to perform cadastral field surveying by the government. It has developed to present Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC).

However, since it is as the only organization to carry out cadastral surveying for over sixty years, which were previously handled by the government, some problems of this monopoly system have been raised.

Therefore, in order to overcome the problems of the Korean cadastral system, the history of cadastral system of Korea and the problems will be investigated and analyzed so that the improving method for cadastral surveying organization could be suggested in this paper.

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