FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Results of Working Group 1 of Commission 1 - 
Organisational Structures in the Surveying World

by Klaus Rürup 

Key words: Organisational structure. 


The surveying business is as fragmented as its image in the world. From streamline centralism to chaotic confusion all types of organisational structures occur.

It is regrettable that only less than 25 % of FIG members felt obliged to answer the questionnaire of Commission 1. With the help of other sources rough results can be presented.

In accordance with the workplan Commission 1 wanted to know the public sector organisational structure that covers FIG activities, including the management philosophy behind the structures. The method of providing services and the role of the private sector herein leads to possibilities of outsourcing or contracting out of government services. To get research data a questionnaire was sent out to all FIG members. Answers came back from Chile, Columbia, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, Egypt, Norway, Korea, the Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Spain and the UK. Countries with a long history and experience in FIG matters and activities are still missing. However there are some results.

International agencies and governments – particularly in developing countries and countries in economic transition will benefit from these results. Though there is no need to impose any of the presented structures. These structures to be implemented should be sown and nurtured carefully by recognizing local history, culture and economic requirements.

In nearly all cases history and local philosophy runs like a red line through the organisational structures of the respective country. And once built up it is nearly impossible to change these structures. Sometimes parts of surveying activities simply disappear and with them the organisational structure for that activity as well.

However there will be given no recommendations which can simply been taken over but different models will be presented.

Klaus Rürup, Vice Chairperson of FIG Commission 1
Droste-Hülshoff Strasse 8
D-46236 Bottrop

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