FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

Managing the Relationship between Local Government and State Government - The Victorian Experience

by Leonie Newnham, John Parker and Adrian Spall 

Key words: local government, partnership, co-operation, land information. 


Increasingly organisations are required to work together, as well as through others to achieve their objectives. Australia has three tiers of government and has had to operate for many years in an environment where responsibility for service delivery is split between policy makers and service deliverers, and between local , state or national government. The relationships between government has at times been difficult to manage and does not always provide the best possible outcome. This paper reviews how Land Victoria as a Division of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in a state government worked in partnership with Local Government to achieve significant land information management reform. The changes achieved include the development of significant electronic property information holdings at the local level and the wide acceptance of the Victorian state digital map base that builds in information exchange and maintenance. Examples will be given as to how co-operation and sharing of data can develop. The paper reviews how the relationship was developed along cooperative lines between the two tiers of government and will review network theory and relationship marketing as the principles that guided the approach taken. This approach may prove to provide an example of how other governments or organisations can work in a similar situation.

M/s Leonie Newnham, MBA, DipEd, BA
Land Victoria
Department of Natural Resources & Environment
Level 11
8 Nicholson Street
East Melbourne

Prof. John R Parker, Chair FIG Commission 1
Land Victoria
Department of Natural Resources & Environment
Level 2
456 Lonsdale Street
Email: or

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