FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague

The Development of the Surveyor's Profession in Italy

by Geom. Gianfranco Morocutti


We live in the so-called "post industrial" era in which there is a shift from the fields of "manufacturing" towards those of "intellectual work" - which expand by means of associations or merely by the proliferation of "knowledge workers", who offer themselves as service bodies aiming to satisfy the needs of the global market.

The new professional system offers an ever greater supply of intellectual service networks, with a consequent creation of circulating capital in regional markets and at an international level. The client plays an active part in the process of development of new strategies and services which contribute in a important manner in determining the qualitative characteristics of the service product and the characteristics of price with a fair balance between costs and benefits.

The market therefore tends to turn towards those professionals who are capable of creatively using the various know-hows applied to the fields of knowledge and services.

It is then the market which creates the necessary mechanisms for development of the economic system, making use of the professional services at various levels.

In the light of the changes and the proposals for reform which are underway, it will be necessary even for the surveyor to adjust or model him/herself, possibly according also to the expectations of the sector - even if it is known that the future model of the Italian Surveyor will not follow exactly that of the past.

The future of the Italian Surveyor is tied, as is also that of its European counterpart, to a constant updating of the knowledge of data and systems which modern society requires for the management of the country, land property and real estate. The Surveyor is also required to have the ability to work in exclusive contexts as well as in interdisciplinary systems.

Real estate, land property and land are in general subject to measurement, evaluation, protection, transfer and transformation. It is necessary to add new services to the typical professional services of the past, since these are requested by the market in an interdisciplinary and integrated manner in both a social and professional context - where "partnership" prevails over "leadership".

Geom. Gianfranco Morocutti
Consiglio Nazionale Geometri
Via Barberini, 68
00187 Roma

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