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Registration form to the FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2019

Seoul, Korea, August 5 2019 – August 9 2019


Note: Currently VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard, JCB, Maestro and PayPal are supported as online payment methods.

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A. Registration Fees


Please note The registration fee includes an informal get-together on 4 August and a technical tour on 9 August 9:00-14:00. Please indicate in your registration if you will attend these events

Note : Only one delegate or student registration per form!
Conference Before Jun 22, 2019 After Jun 22, 2019 After Jul 22, 2019 No. of persons
Conference delegates EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 0
Young Surveyors EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 0
Accompanying persons EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR 0
Technical Tours  › More information                 Fee No. of persons
Demilitarized Zone Tour (DMZ Tour) Fri Aug 9 9:00–14:00   EUR 0


B. Social Events  › More information


No. of persons

Get-together reception Sun Aug 4 EUR 0



Conference Bag choice
At each conference a conference bag is included in the fee. We will continue to offer a bag for those who are interested. If you are not interested in a bag and do not want to use it, we give the option that the organisers will in stead donate a sum equivalent to the bag price to a charity. Please tick below your preferred option which will give an indication on how many bags to order:
I would like to receive the conference bag
I do not need the conference bag – the organizer will instead donate a sum equivalent to the bag to a charity


Payment Method

If you are invited as complimentary guest and there is no payment involved (the total sum of the registration is zero), please choose "I will use bank transfer".

I will use online payment with VISA or Master/Eurocard, or Paypal

I will use bank transfer


NOTE: Administration fee for online payments is 2% of the total cost. Administration fee for bank transfer is a fixed sum of EUR 20.

NOTE: In the case of cancellations after registration the following policy on refunds will be used:

  • By May 7, 2019 (90 days or more before the starting day of the conference) - full refund minus administration fee of EUR 50
  • On or after May 8, 2019 up to Jul 6, 2019 (30 to 89 days before the starting day) - 50% of all payments
  • After Jul 6, 2019 - No refund.
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Note: Clicking the Proceed button displays a confirmation form with total sums. The final registration information is sent only after you have approved information on the confirmation form.


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