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"Commission 3 has the task of providing an international discussion and development forum to promote professional practice and standards in the field of Spatial Information Management.

In a highly interconnected world interoperability is an indispensable precondition for information exchange. Commission 3 considers interoperability to consist of legal interoperability (aligned legislation and legal meaning), organisational interoperability (coordinated processes), and technical interoperability. We focus mainly on technical interoperability of geospatial data: at system level (data exchange through networks, computers, applications, and web services), at syntactic level (common data formats defined for data encoding, decoding, and representation), at structural level (pre-defined data models, data structures, and data schemes), and at semantic level (common vocabularies). Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) provide ‘a framework of policies, institutional arrangements, technologies, data, and people that enables the sharing and effective usage of geographic information by standardizing formats and protocols for access and interoperability."

What we do

For the term 2019-2022 FIG Commission 3 will be working on:

For the full work plan, please visit Work Plan 2019-2022
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Commission 3, Chair Elect

August 2021

The General Assembly elected Mr. Sagi Dalyot from Israel, ALSI, as the Chair Elect of Commission 3, the elected Chair Elect term as the Chair of the Commission will be initiated at the FIG Congress 2022 for the period 2023-2026.

Commission 3 at FIG Working Week 2021

August 2021

The Working Week took place online 20-25 June 2021. Commission 1 held its annual meeting with outset in their prepared Report and Agenda. Commission 1 was also involved in a session covering Commission 1 areas within the theme of Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management. To read more click here.

FIG Commission 3 and 8 Workshop

20-21 July 2021, Prato, Italy

Again in 2021 a Summer School in Italy will take place, this time in Prato. As part of the Summer School a workshop organised jointly by FIG Commission 3, Spatial Information Management, and Commission 8, Spatial Planning and Development on  “Spatial information management to optimize Spatial planning and Sustainable development” will take place. Programme book  Read more


FIG Congress 2022

More information will follow soon.


July 2021

Workshop Joint FIG Commissions 3 and 8 - Proceedings

June  2021

Workshop on e-Volunteering to Address Environmental Challenges, Mapathon – Report

March 2020

Report to the General Assembly

September 2019

FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop 2019



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Meet the officers

Commission Chair

Prof. Dr. -Ing. Hartmut Müller, Germany
Contact: FIGCommission3 [at]

Working Group Chairs:

Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Smart Cities (WG 3.1)
Prof. Kevin McDougall, Australia

Geospatial Big Data: collection, processing, and presentation (WG 3.2)
Prof. Charalabos Ioannidis, Greece

User-Generated Spatial Content Empowering Communities (WG 3.3)
Prof. Sagi Dalyot, Israel

3D Cadastres (WG 3.4)
Prof. Peter van Oosterom, the Netherlands, P.J.M.vanOosterom[at]
Prof. Alias Abdul Rahman, Malaysia, alias[at]

GIS Tools for Spatial Planning  (WG 3.5)
Enrico Rispoli, Italy, e.rispoli[at]
Adriana Czarnecka, Polen, Adrianna.Czarnecka[at]

Geospatial Next (WG 3.6)
Cemal Özgür Kivilcim, Turkey


Delegates and Correspondents:

Each member association has the right to nominate a delegate to each of the ten technical commissions. In addition Affiliates, Academic Members and Corporate Members  are welcome to nominate a correspondent to each commission.

Interested? If you are interested to become a national delegate from your country, please contact your member association. The contact information of national delegates is updates by the FIG office. Any changes in contact information should be sent to the FIG Office.


The study was focused on the current state and practices within the land surveying, mapping and geo-science communities, on practical as well as theoretical levels.
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Many 3D Cadastral activities have been conducted during the past two decades: six FIG 3D Cadastres workshops, sessions at FIG working weeks and congresses, three special issues in international scientific journals, four terms of the joint commission 3 and commission 7 FIG Working Group on 3D Cadastres. Website


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Working Groups

Term 2019-2022 

WG 3.1: Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Smart Cities
WG 3.2: Geospatial Big Data: collection, processing, and presentation
WG 3.3: User-Generated Spatial Content Empowering Communities
WG 3.4: 3D Cadastres
WG 3.5: GIS Tools for Spatial Planning  WG 3.6: Geospatial Next

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3D Cadastres

FIG joint commission 3 and 7 Working Group on 3D Cadastres since 2000

FIG Publications

FIG Pub no. 72: Best Practices 3D Cadastres

FIG Pub. no. 73: The Land Surveyors Role in the Era of Crowdsourcing and VGI

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Report, May 2020
Report, Hanoi, Vietnam. 2019
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