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Workshop on e-Volunteering to Address Environmental Challenges, Mapathon – Report

24, June, 2021, FIG e-Working Week

Workshop on e-Volunteering to Address Environmental Challenges

The ‘Workshop on e-Volunteering to Address Environmental Challenges - A Real-life Example with a Real-time Project, followed by 24hr Mapathon’ was held on June 24th, 2021, at the 2021 FIG Working Week. The workshop was a collaboration between Volunteer Community Surveyor Program (VCSP) and WG 3.6 Geospatial Next. The mapathon was designed to engage surveyors across generations, independently from their location, to e-Volunteer to undertake humanitarian surveying under challenging times.   VCSP and WG 3.6 Geospatial Next partnered with Crowd2Map Tanzania, which does work using humanitarian surveying and HOT OSM mapping to help fight Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to help girls to escape cuttings. The local rescue teams and civic services have been challenged with the unknown territories, why the main idea of the workshop was to provide contributions for mapping towns and villages in the region to provide geospatial information and guidance to the ground teams.

The workshop provided confidence to their participants mapping skills and positive feedback was given with the partnership with Crowd2Map, as it added a ‘why’ that made the mapping more meaningful to those involved in the mapathon.   To read more about the workshop and their accomplishments, you can read the full report here.



Nanna Jørgensen August, 2021

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