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Smart Solutions for a secure and valuable property

Geoprevi 2017 International Symposium

September 2017, Bucharest Romania

Between 14 and 15 of September 2017, Bucharest hosted the FIG Commission 7, 8 and 9 International Symposium GeopreVi 2017, having as a theme 'Smart Solutions for a Secure and Valuable Property'. More than 200 professionals (surveyors, land administration, spatial planning and development and land valuation professionals), from more than 10 countries, met in Bucharest to debate and communicate in a professional and scientific manner, exchanging knowledge and experience in finding out smart technical solutions in order to ensure a more secure and valuable property in the modern and challenging forming society.

During her speech in the opening session, Professor Chryssy Potsiou, President of  FIG, mentioned that it is a great honor to be in Bucharest and represent FIG, appreciating on the same time the presence of the Romanian authorities. In her message President Potsiou emphasized that it is very import for the surveyors’ community to cooperate with governments when implementing land management reforms, not only to secure property rights but also the value of those rights on properties, land and real estates, an issue of significant importance for the well-functioning of property markets and the national economies. As “we all understand about the global sustainable development agenda for 2030 and the commitment of the 193 UN member states to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030 and undertake reforms to protect the planet, this conference will raise awareness in this field and will help us achieve our goals. Here is FIG and our mission is to develop the profession all over the world and to support governments to achieve reforms successfully.”

In Bucharest three of the FIG commissions were working together: Commission 7 was represented by Chair Mrs. Gerda Schennach from Austria, Commission 8 was represented by Chair Mr, Kwame Tenadu, from Ghana and Commission 9 was represented by Manohar Velpuri, WG chair, . “It was a great initiative to have those three commissions in Bucharest, as all three commission understand what good land management is”, President Potsiou mentioned.

Two outstanding FIG members, the Honorary President Mr. Robert W. Foster from USA and honorable member Daniel Steudler from Switzerland were invited in Bucharest, rising up the interest of the audience with themes such as the universal set of ethics principle and Land Code.



September 2017

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